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Articles Posted in April 2006


Act now to end threat of Iran

(30April06) “…It was 70 years ago this spring -- in March 1936 -- when Adolf Hitler sent his military into the demilitarized zone of the Rhineland in defiance of France , Britain and the League of Nations . The German dictator deliberately set out to test the resoluteness of his main adversaries, and found it lacking….Hitler could have been stopped in 1936 if France, acting in concert with Britain, had taken forceful military action as the occasion demanded….Hitler reminisced: "If the French had marched into the Rhineland, we would have had to withdraw with our tails between our legs, for the military resources at our disposal would have been wholly inadequate for even a moderate resistance …" Act now to end threat of Iran By Salim Mansur, Toronto Sun “…T he lesson from 70 years ago is obvious. Democracies stalemate themselves by ceaseless self-doubt -- when resolute pre-emption is what is required to checkmate dictators and madmen -- only to pay later steeper price in tears and blood for what could well have been averted…. The language emanating recently out of Tehran has been chilling. But it is not new, and no one can plead Iran has not forewarned of its intentions to reorder the balance of power to its advantage in the Middle East … The time for negotiation with Iranian leaders might be over. What remains uncertain is whether Iran has crossed its Rubicon. This will only be known in retrospect if the free world fails to do its duty and allows Iran to acquire nuclear weapons

Indoctrinating the CHILDREN!   Muslim Brotherhood Children's Website

(28April06) “The home page of the website of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt , links to the Children's website,' Our Children'. This site contains various sections on different subjects, including praise for jihad against infidels in general and against America in particular, and Anti-Semitic writings explaining to young readers how the Jews murdered 25 prophets of Allah and that Jews habitually murder children. Other pages contain texts referring to Seville and Andalusia ( Spain ) as part of the greater Muslim homeland, and discussing the long period of prosperity that these lands experienced under Muslim rule. The following are excerpts from the texts posted on the children's website: We Ask Allah to Give Our Brothers, the Mujahideen, Martyrdom for His Sake, and to Bring Victory to Islam”. This disturbing material exposed by MEMRI .

REPOSTED For more on the Muslim Brotherhood in Australia

Australia continues to give asylum to Muslim Brothers

(4April06) The following revelation seriously sucks the oxygen out of the room and brings into question the competence and diligence of Australia 's  Refugee Review Tribunal. Here's just a little of their history and some of the criminal and odious personalities involved. Click on the Muslim Brotherhood link below to get a full understanding as to what the Refugee Review Tribunal has allowd into Australia as a persecuted refugee.

“.. In Egypt and the Sudan , the Brotherhood extended its reach and spun off terrorist groups including Jamaat al-Islamiyya, aka Gama'a al-Islamiyya (The Islamic Group), and Egyptian Islamic Jihad . Sudan 's al-Turabi was a key networker for the Brotherhood, cultivating such friends as "the blind Sheikh" Omar Abdel Rahman and Ayman Al-Zawahiri , who then carried word to others. In 1981, the Brotherhood assassinated Anwar Sadat. Zawahiri and Rahman were both arrested, and Rahman eventually stood trial, accused of providing a fatwa to justify the killing. Rahman was acquitted..”

“…The following is a collection of cases that were heard by the Australian Refugee Review Tribunal, and higher courts, where the applicants sought protection on the grounds of persecution because of political beliefs; in these cases evidenced by their membership of the Muslim Brotherhood. ... In all these cases, where the appeals have been successful, the decision was based on findings of whether the applicants had successfully proven membership of the Muslim Brotherhood..” Australia continues to give asylum to Muslim Brothers “..There are other cases (and these are larger in number) where the appeal failed because the applicant could not prove membership of the Muslim Brotherhood to the satisfaction of the tribunal or court…”

The Slow Death of Europe

(28April06) “…What can you expect of French politicians? Surrender. They did it 66 years ago when German armies invaded France . They did it again three years ago when it became obvious it was necessary to topple Saddam Hussein's rogue regime. They did it once more in the first days of April, this year. No army was involved this time: just rioters and strikers. But that was enough. Surrender is a habit deeply engrained in the French political character…. the country is crumbling. It will keep crumbling until the election and it will crumble even more after the election. Everybody thinks there will be more riots. Everybody knows there will be more radical Muslims…”  The Slow Death of Europe by Guy Millière FrontPageMagazine.com “…The mediocrity of politicians is almost the same in every country. People in the street look sad and have the sensation of being faced with only a grim future….It took al-Qaeda bomb attacks in Madrid to push the Spanish people to vote out an ally of the United States and the father of Spain 's economic revival while handing power to a leftist with a dhimmi mentality. It took nothing to push the Italians in the same direction… The rhythm is different from one country to another, but the dirge like music is the same. For decades, Europeans dreamed of building a great power.  The dream could not have a happy end: it was not based on responsibility, but on dependency. Europeans took advantage of the protection America offered to pump money into their welfare states. From cradle to grave was their promise; and little by little, the graves started outnumbering the cradles…”

The Futility of Interfaith Dialogue

(28April06) I have always thought of the Orwellian sounding practice of “Interfaith Dialogue” to be nothing more than a snow job on the dangerously naïve and ignorant. Those I know that attend such seminars report that this description pretty well hits the mark. So it's interesting to see Mark Alexander ( Dawning Of A New Dark Age ) arriving at the same conclusion. It's also interesting to note that at  a recent Affinity Interfaith evening at the Riverside Theatre Parramatta question time was cancelled due to the presence of some pesky people who have habit of asking the tough questions. So much for dialogue.

“…Have you ever wondered about this thing called 'interfaith dialogue ' - the dialogue so beloved by our weak politicians and clergy?... to serve any purpose, there must be a possibility of finding some middle ground. A compromise must be found. If it is not possible to find a compromise, then engaging in dialogue becomes not only futile, but meaningless, too…. In Islam, we have a faith which is diametrically opposed to everything Christianity says is true…” The Futility of Interfaith Dialogue by Mark Alexander “…Interfaith dialogue' is a mechanism thought up by the weak and ineffectual in a desperate attempt to find a solution to the growing chasm in Western society, a chasm between the ever-growing Muslim population and the rest...  Our politicians, because they have lacked the foresight to see the inevitable outcome of their lax immigration laws, because they have lacked the courage to enact sensible laws to stem the growing problem of immigration in this country, and because they have failed to lead, they have got us all into a fine mess…”

Restating the obvious about Islam

(28April06) “…With war clouds on the horizon in the 1930's and policy analysis in thralldom to a form of denial, George Orwell said: “Things have sunk so low that the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious.”… For tactical reasons, many politicians in the West call Islam a religion of peace; some say it is a religion hijacked by extremists and others maintain that Sufis (a small minority sect) represent the true nature of Islamic pacifism…. Very recently, however, MEMRI (The Middle East Media Research Institute) reports that an Islamic scholar Dr. Kamel Al-Najjar challenged these suppositions by restating the obvious: intellectuals, who call for a condemnation of violence among Moslems and an openness in Islam, do not understand the history of this religion….” Restating the obvious about Islam by Herb London “…According to Dr. Al-Najjar, Islam was tolerant during only one brief period in its history.  Islam was humane and tolerant when it was relatively weak, during the so-called Mecca period… How then can Judeo-Christian societies co-exist with Islam when Christians are described as polytheists for their worship of the Trinity and Jews are portrayed as descendants of apes and pigs? …Surely the West should attempt to discover the radiant face of Islam, but it can do so only with realism, facing harsh facts, and understanding a history that has been ignored or misunderstood….the first condition for strategic planning is an unvarnished view of the truth, what Orwell called the restatement of the obvious….”

Islamic Law at Belmont U

(25April06) “…Who would have thought that Belmont University of Nashville, Tennessee, would apply the Islamic law to its staff? But just that happened earlier this month….Bill Hobbs, a Republican political advisor, blogger, and news writer for Belmont, which bills itself as "the largest Christian university in Tennessee," was upset in February 2006 about the cowardice of the American media in not publishing the Danish cartoons. So he drew a primitive cartoon of his own and posted it on his personal site…” Islamic Law at Belmont U by Daniel Pipes “…It sat in obscurity until April 5, when a Democratic political operative, Mike Kopp, wrote about it, calling it a bizzare page with the heading Draw Mohammed that spotlights a stick drawing of the Prophet Mohammed holding a bomb. The cartoon is entitled "Mohammend Blows." Under the cartoon Hobbs issues an invite to "exercise your right to free expression by drawing pictures of Islam's Prophet Mohammed". He ends the post with the phrase "Here's my first mo-toon." All this was posted at 12:40 pm, on Friday, February 24, 2006…”

The Retreat of the Western World Order

(23April06) “…Multiculturalism and the inability or unwillingness of Western nations to uphold their borders from massive immigration is viewed by Muslims as an invitation for attack and a signal that their ancient Western rival is weak and ripe for conquest. This is no doubt the background for the ongoing aggressive posture by the Iranian president, among others….Muslims really do believe that the time has now come for overthrowing the West and putting Islam into the global, dominant position it should have according to their scriptures. They will spare no efforts, including nuclear war, in achieving this goal. The Iranian president has quite openly stated that “Islam will soon rule the world,” which implies that they will have to destroy or subdue the West…” The Retreat of the Western World Order by Fjordman filing via Gates of Vienna. “....Al-Qaeda strategists have earlier outlined a schedule for awakening the Islamic world and crushing the West, with a timeline stretching over the coming fifteen to twenty years. They still stick to this plan, which means that tensions are bound to escalate even further in the near future. Westerners need to understand that a world war of sorts with the Islamic world is already inevitable by now, no matter what we do….By quite literally putting a dagger at Europe 's throat, the Islamic world will force Europeans to renew themselves or die. Europe will go through a turbulent period of painful, but necessary revival, and will arrive chastened on the other side…Just as Imperialism caused WW1, Fascism WW2 and Communism the Cold War, Multiculturalism and Muslim immigration will drag the West into a war with the Islamic world. Instead of a Westernization of the Balkans, we get a Balkanization of the West….”

Muslims Motivated by Shame

(23April06) “…Muslims are no different than the rest of us in that they are uneasy and embarrassed to reveal their own shortcomings. However, rather than tackle their own problems and move on, Islam is a religion that blames others, which I suppose has worked well for the religion. However, it's been terrible for its people. While the Muslim miasma continues to misfire, the Arab's skill at blaming others is losing its luster…. Freud said people who recognize their predicament and laugh it off, are better off. From recent Muslim rioting over cartoons of Mohammed, it's clear Muslims are terrible at laughing at themselves, especially while the rest of us are laughing at them…” Muslims Motivated by Shame by Schlomo “…Research bears this out. It's been shown that shame is more persistent among people who can't laugh at themselves, while those who can rise above the absurdity of their situation (see article by Suzanne Retzinger in 1987 issue of Psychoanalytic Psychology)… Arabs are unwilling to do the work that propels their society forward, and thus will continue to feel humiliated while blaming their predicament on those of us they envy. It's time the Muslims learned a lesson or two from the rest of us, and instead of blaming and hating others, they should move on. By putting far more effort into perpetuating rather than resolving their problems, we can expect Muslim societies, such as those run by Arabs, to remain the world's misfits for years to come…”

Do We Need Religion? Part 1

(21April06)“…Ali Sina is the Iranian ex-Muslim behind the website faithfreedom.org . Along with other former Muslims such as Ibn Warraq, Sina is spearheading what may be the first organized movement of ex-Muslims in Islamic history, made possible during the past ten to fifteen years by Muslim immigration to the West and the growth of the Internet….It is no exaggeration to say that if the likes of Ali Sina, Ibn Warraq and Wafa Sultan prevail in the face of the traditional death penalty for leaving Islam, then Islam will never again be the same. This is the soft underbelly of Islam ….According to Ali Sina, the West is now a moral relativistic society, where the vacuum created by religion is sorely felt. But at the same time, Sina questions whether a return to religion is the way to go…..I have found that the West at the beginning of the 21st century is mired in an internal cultural battle , an ideological civil war over the purpose of the West that is sometimes so severe that combined with Muslim immigration it could even trigger physical civil wars in several Western nations in the near future….” Do We Need Religion? Part 1 by Wolfgang Bruno “…O ne of the contenders is what I will label the ideology of egalitarianism, of which Multiculturalism is the most prominent component. If you analyze the ideology of Egalitarianism, is has Marxist roots in ideas about forced equality. Basically, it says that all cultures are more or less equal, and that there is nothing particular about Western civilization that makes it worth preserving. It may even be worse than all other cultures. To display attachment to your own culture is considered racism and frowned upon. As is to be expected with its Marxist roots, it has its stronghold of support in the political Left. However, what makes Egalitarianism and Multiculturalism particularly dangerous is that its support transcends that of the traditional Left and has penetrated deep into the traditional Right, too. As long as large parts of our elites adhere to the notion that all cultures are equal, it will be impossible to mount any defense of the West. Which means that Multiculturalism and Egalitarianism need to be discredited if Europe is to have any chance of surviving….”

The Fall of France and the Multicultural World War

(21April06)“….In my essay about the retreat of the Western world order, I mentioned the possibility of civil strife in the West caused by runaway immigration. This is no longer just a theoretical possibility…The unemployment rate for youths under 26 is a staggering 22 percent nationwide, but soars to nearly 50 percent in some of those troubled areas with many Muslim immigrants…Around 70% of French prisoners are Muslims. Hundreds of Muslim ghettos are already de facto following sharia, not French law…opinion polls show that the French are now officially the most anti-capitalist nation on earth. France has chosen Socialism and Islam. It will get both, and sink into a quagmire of its own making…People keep talking about the nukes that the Iranians may get, but what about the hundreds of nuclear warheads the French have? Will they be used to intimidate the rest of the West? How do we handle an Islamic France, still the heartland of the European continent, with Muslim control of hundreds of nukes? And how do we handle a Bosnia or Lebanon with a population much larger than either of these countries, and with hundreds of nuclear warheads at stake??” The Fall of France and the Multicultural World War  by The noted blogger Fjordman, filing this report via Gates of Vienna. “…I guess there is some poetic justice in the fact that the country that initiated and has led the creation of Eurabia now gets consumed by its own Frankenstein monster…the merger of Europe and the Arab-Islamic world has been encouraged by the French political elite in particular at least since the early 1970s, with a vision of creating a united Europe and Mediterranean basin under French leadership, in what has basically been a French dream since the age of Napoleon, the great hero of current French PM de Villepin…the downfall of Communism in the East happened through a relatively bloodless “Velvet Revolution,” whereas the downfall of Multiculturalism in the West may turn out to be anything but bloodless. And it will come, sooner than many people think. Multiculturalism, cultural Marxism and the idea of forced cultural equality, will collapse just as Communism, the idea of economic Marxism and forced economic equality fell…If history is any guide, today's decadent, bored, post-religious and post-nationalist Europe will be no match for Islam, unless it rediscovers a belief in its own culture and a will to defend it….”

REPOSTED What Enoch Powell was really saying

(19April06) Those who don't know history are destined to repeat it.” Edmund Burke (1729-1797)

Time to revisit this piece from The Spectator, November 2001

“…Reading reports of a church in Bradford being set fire to by Islamic extremists a fortnight ago, and wondering only half in jest whether these people should be asked to sign a pledge of toleration towards Christians, my thoughts turned again to Enoch Powell. The recent exposure of cracks in our so-called “multicultural” society, as a result of the war against terrorism, has brought his Birmingham speech of April 1968 back to several people's minds…..Powell himself, as a housing minister in 1956, sat on a cross-departmental committee that considered aspects of the effects of mass immigration. Even then he was aware of problems growing in his own Wolverhampton constituency because of the concentration of immigrants in small urban areas. The decision by the committee to ignore his representations on the subject was not unusual. As Andrew Roberts has pointed out in his excellent analysis of Tory policy on immigration in the 1950s, the options ranged from turning a blind eye at one extreme to sheer cowardice at the other…” What Enoch Powell was really saying by Simon Heffer, The Spectator November 2001 “...The word “multiculturalism” was not in his vocabulary, but the speech was a warning against it. It was a warning to politicians of the mess they were storing up for the future by their refusal to act on this problem when it was a “cloud no bigger than a man's hand”… recent events such as the burning of that church, and the open allegiance that some British subjects of Muslim origin feel towards the enemies of their country, cast Powell's speech in a wholly different light. It can, and should, be seen as the first blast of the trumpet against the dangers of multiculturalism, but what Powell called communalism….. His speech did not prevent remedial action being taken to prevent the growth of multiculturalism. There was never any will to do it. Because of the damage done even by the accusation of racism, no politician would have attempted to prevent it, even if Powell had not spoken…. We have taken a long time to learn, but, had we only had eyes to see and ears to hear, Enoch tried to teach us. Rather than make him into the most inappropriate scapegoat for the failings of his whole political generation, and others since, we should instead offer him the most contrite of posthumous apologies…”

The frightening truth of why Iran wants a bomb

(16April06) “…Last Monday, just before he announced that Iran had gatecrashed "the nuclear club", President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad disappeared for several hours. He was having a khalvat (tête-à-tête) with the Hidden Imam, the 12th and last of the imams of Shiism who went into "grand occultation" in 941…. Last year, it was after another khalvat that Ahmadinejad announced his intention to stand for president. Now, he boasts that the Imam gave him the presidency for a single task: provoking a "clash of civilisations"……According to this analysis, spelled out in commentaries by Ahmadinejad's strategic guru, Hassan Abassi, known as the "Dr Kissinger of Islam", President George W Bush is an aberration, an exception to a rule under which all American presidents since Truman, when faced with serious setbacks abroad, have "run away..” The frightening truth of why Iran wants a bomb By Amir Taheri “… Iran 's current strategy, therefore, is to wait Bush out. And that, by "divine coincidence", corresponds to the time Iran needs to develop its nuclear arsenal, thus matching the only advantage that the infidel enjoys…. The Iranian plan is simple: playing the diplomatic game for another two years until Bush becomes a "lame-duck", unable to take military action against the mullahs, while continuing to develop nuclear weapons…. Thus do not be surprised if, by the end of the 12 days still left of the United Nations' Security Council "deadline", Ahmadinejad announces a "temporary suspension" of uranium enrichment as a "confidence building measure". Also, don't be surprised if some time in June he agrees to ask the Majlis (the Islamic parliament) to consider signing the additional protocols of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT)….Such manoeuvres would allow the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) director, Muhammad El-Baradei, and Britain's Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, to congratulate Iran for its "positive gestures" and denounce talk of sanctions, let alone military action…”

Time to Fight the Real War

(16April06) “…In all of the obfuscation generated by the backward-looking debate over what happened to Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction, it has been easy for some to claim that the Iranian threat is being blown out of proportion by the Bush administration. But grasping the case against Iran doesn't depend on secret dossiers and obscure intelligence reports. All it requires is that you open up your newspaper and read the pronouncements of Iran 's own leaders…Why does Iran want to enrich uranium? Ahmadinejad isn't interested so much in joining a nuclear club as he is in wielding a nuclear club. He has openly boasted that Iran wants to "wipe Israel off the map."… In case you don't think they're serious, Iran 's religious establishment recently released a fatwa sanctioning the use of nuclear weapons…” Time to Fight the Real War by Robert Tracinski “… Iran 's reach is not limited to Iraq . Late last year, when Bashar Assad's Syrian dictatorship was reeling from the loss of Lebanon , Ahmadinejad made a trip to Damascus in which he urged Assad to stand fast and pledged Iranian support….Iran's tentacles even extend beyond the Middle East. Iran has been cultivating an alliance with Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez, including discussions about providing the anti-American firebrand and protégé of Fidel Castro with nuclear technology….Iran's global ambitions are as grandiose as anything put forward by Osama bin Laden—but they are backed by control of a country of 70 million people with an army, navy, and air force, a vast network of terrorist organizations across the Middle East, and, very soon, nuclear weapons. If America 's failure to act against the comparatively minor threat from Bin Laden in the 1990s resulted in the horrors of September 11, we can expect far worse if we fail to act against Iran …”

Football Killing Fields

(16April06) “… Israel is used to being singled out for unjust criticism and subjected to startling double standards by the United Nations, the European Union, much of the Western media and numerous academic bodies. But now FIFA, the supposedly nonpolitical organization that governs the world's most popular sport, soccer, is getting in on the act as well…. FIFA has condemned Israel for an air strike on an empty soccer field in the Gaza Strip that was used for training exercises by Islamic Jihad and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade. This strike did not cause any injuries. But at the same time FIFA has refused to condemn a Palestinian rocket attack on an Israeli soccer field last week which did cause injuries… Football Killing Fields ( Outrage and disbelief as world soccer body condemns Israel, not Hamas) by Tom Gross, National Review Online “…When Saddam Hussein's son Uday had Iraqi soccer players tortured in 1997 after they failed to qualify for the 1998 FIFA World Cup Finals in France, FIFA remained silent…FIFA's silence was no less deafening when, according to the International Red Cross, about 7,000 prisoners were detained (and some tortured) in Chile's national soccer stadium after Augusto Pinochet seized power in 1973…”

Wake Up, West!

(15April06) I have read a lot of books on the issue of Islam and by no means consider my self totally across it. As is the case with most subjects, it has the capacity to glaze the eyes if you let it. This book though is a breezy and comprehensive easy read. You can pick it up and put it down at will and not lose the plot.

The introduction of Mark Alexander's easy to read reality check, The Dawning of a New Dark Age is Wake Up, West! It is compelling reading .

When is Jihad Not Jihad

(15April06) “…Witness the latest European Union (EU) pronouncement , which advocates an exclusive definition of jihad as “spiritual struggle” in the public discourse, lest the tender sensibilities of Muslims be offended. According to the wise and courageous EU leadership, non-Muslim Dorothys and Scarecrows and Tin Men and most appropriately, Cowardly Lions, should simply ignore the jihadists fulminating behind their civilizational veil, endlessly invoking an authentic and uniquely Islamic institution— jihad war —which has shaped human history for over 13 centuries, through the present….” When is Jihad Not Jihad The American Thinker “…Al-Ghazali (d. 1111), the famous theologian, philosopher wrote “O]ne must go on jihad (i.e., warlike razzias or raids) at least once a year…one may use a catapult against them [non-Muslims] when they are in a fortress, even if among them are women and children. One may set fire to them and/or drown them…” “…A perverse, depressingly real-life scene from the “Wizard of Oz” fantasy is now unfolding in Western Europe . EU bureaucrats—playing the well-known aquiline-nosed, broomstick-riding character from movie version—have cast a spell (“ Sleep…Sleep ”) on their non-Muslim constituent Dorothys, Scarecrows, Tin Men and Cowardly Lions, hoping to keep them slumbering in fields of poisonous poppies. Regardless of whether they awaken, it may already be too late..”

Friends of Science

(15April06) This very user-friendly and easy to navigate site, Friends of Science is worth book marking for future reference on the Global Warming debate

Muslims here say democracy is a no, no

(15April06) “…Another speech by another Muslim leader, and I ask -- who's kidding who?...

..In February Treasurer Peter Costello was monstered for saying Muslims shouldn't come to Australia unless they accepted basic Australian values. And he listed them: democracy, the freedoms of a secular state, and "loyalty first -- loyalty to Australia ". For this he was called a Muslim-basher by most of our leading Muslim groups…” Muslims here say democracy is a no, no  by Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

“…Last Saturday a small Muslim group, Hizb ut-Tahrir, held a public meeting at the Bankstown Town Hall to discuss whether Australia's Muslims really should subscribe to those values Costello mentioned. The answer was: No. No to democracy, a secular society and Australia first. For instance, Usman Badar, president of the University of NSW Muslim Students Association , told the 300 or so people that "Western values are not worthy of human subscription…” The real battle is not, or should not be, between Muslims and non-Muslims. It is as Arab-American psychiatrist Wafa Sultan bravely put it in a debate on Al-Jazeera two months ago: "It is a clash between civilisation and backwardness, between the civilised and the primitive, between barbarity and rationality. It is a clash between freedom and oppression, between democracy and dictatorship." The hard truth is more Muslim spokesmen need to join us on the right side of that battle . . . and to fight with us, not against….”

Climate of Fear

(13April06)“…how can a barely discernible, one-degree increase in the recorded global mean temperature since the late 19th century possibly gain public acceptance as the source of recent weather catastrophes? And how can it translate into unlikely claims about future catastrophes?....The answer has much to do with misunderstanding the science of climate, plus a willingness to debase climate science into a triangle of alarmism. Ambiguous scientific statements about climate are hyped by those with a vested interest in alarm…Scientists who dissent from the alarmism have seen their grant funds disappear, their work derided, and themselves libeled as industry stooges, scientific hacks or worse. Consequently, lies about climate change gain credence even when they fly in the face of the science that supposedly is their basis…” Climate of Fear by Richard Lindzen, Professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT, The Wall Street Journal “…what the public fails to grasp is that the claims neither constitute support for alarm nor establish man's responsibility for the small amount of warming that has occurred. In fact, those who make the most outlandish claims of alarm are actually demonstrating skepticism of the very science they say supports them….how is it that we don't have more scientists speaking up about this junk science? It's my belief that many scientists have been cowed not merely by money but by fear….there is a strange reluctance to actually find out how climate really behaves. In 2003, when the draft of the U.S. National Climate Plan urged a high priority for improving our knowledge of climate sensitivity, the National Research Council instead urged support to look at the impacts of the warming--not whether it would actually happen …”

How long will the British stand for this

(13April06) This should ring bells in the aftermath of the Cronulla riots.

“…two months ago when hundreds of Muslim protesters in London displayed signs threatening to behead Westerners for “insulting” Islam, the British police took notes —they took notes —but said they didn't want to arrest anyone at the moment for fear of setting off a riot. Ok, that moment passed two months ago, and no one has been arrested since then. Meanwhile, Bryan Cork, 49, of Carlisle, Cumbria, in the Lake District, has been sentenced to six months in prison for standing outside a mosque last November and shouting, “Proud to be British,” and “Go back to where you came from...” How long will the British stand for this by Laurence Auster “…He could be anybody. He's just an ordinary man, of average intelligence, who expects his government to protect him.…he sees these people are enemies, and he doesn't see anything happening to them, because the lawful authorities do nothing…. He doesn't even get probation, a first-time offender. All for having normal reactions in a country where the government has abandoned its own people and is now on the side of criminals and enemies… Such a government—a government that makes war on its own people on behalf of unassimilable aliens and jihadist savages and their “moderate” spokesmen like “Sir” Iqbal Sacranie—is not a legitimate government…”

There IS a problem with global warming... it stopped in 1998

(12April06) “…For many years now, human-caused climate change has been viewed as a large and urgent problem. In truth, however, the biggest part of the problem is neither environmental nor scientific, but a self-created political fiasco….Since the early 1990s, the columns of many leading newspapers and magazines, worldwide, have carried an increasing stream of alarmist letters and articles on hypothetical, human-caused climate change…The problem here is not that of climate change per se, but rather that of the sophisticated scientific brainwashing that has been inflicted on the public, bureaucrats and politicians alike…” There IS a problem with global warming... it stopped in 1998 by Prof Bob Carter geologist at James Cook University , Queensland , engaged in paleoclimate research “.. The essence of the issue is this. Climate changes naturally all the time, partly in predictable cycles, and partly in unpredictable shorter rhythms and rapid episodic shifts, some of the causes of which remain unknown. We are fortunate that our modern societies have developed during the last 10,000 years of benignly warm, interglacial climate. But for more than 90 per cent of the last two million years, the climate has been colder, and generally much colder, than today. The reality of the climate record is that a sudden natural cooling is far more to be feared, and will do infinitely more social and economic damage, than the late 20th century phase of gentle warming…”

Dr Homa Darabi Foundation

(11April06) Many listeners have requested more details of the Dr Homa Darabi Foundation and particularly the references to Ayatollah Khomeini which is also accessible from the home page. A brief biography of Dr. Homa Darabi .

Infiltrating Australia's Academe

(5April06)“ In February, Prime Minister Howard's Muslim Advisory Group met for the first time for 2006, and it was not a happy event. Prior to the meeting, Howard and his Treasurer, Peter Costello, spoke to the media on Islamic extremism in Australia….it appears that the national Islamic youth group, the Federation of Australian Muslim Students and Youth (FAMSY), has been working assiduously to promote extremist aspects of Islam to the next generation of Australian Muslims….When Steven Emerson – one of the world's leading authorities on Islamist extremist networks – recently visited Australia, he acknowledged that FAMSY is an ideological offshoot of the international Islamist movement, the Muslim Brotherhood….FAMSY has operated in Australia since 1968…One of the organisation's most committed members is Zachariah Matthews , who has been involved with FAMSY since 1992…” Infiltrating Australia's Academe by Sharon Lapkin FrontPageMagazine.com.“...FAMSY's guest speakers over the last few years validate Emerson's claim that the organisation is clearly an ideological offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood. It also demonstrates that Islamists have become regular fixtures on Australian university campuses….American convert to Islam, Mahdi Bray , spoke to Australian Muslim youth at the FAMSY conference in 2003. Within two months of his University of Sydney guest appearance, Bray was named by a witness who addressed the US Congressional Subcommittee on Terrorism, Technology and Homeland Security, as the contact for a key organisation involved in Muslim prison recruitment…last year, FAMSY bought Anas Altikriti to Australia to speak to Muslim youth. Altikriti's father had attended school with Saddam Hussein and was currently head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq . And Altikriti himself is a founding member of the Muslim Association of Britain (MAB), which readily admits to having links to the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The Hijrah: A Necessary Phase in the Dawah

(5April06) In my above posting Infiltrating Australia 's Academe you would have noticed the name Dr Zachariah Matthews as one of the  committed members of FAMSY, the Federation of Australian Muslim Youth. This is the same Dr Zachariah Matthews who in a lecture on March 30 th 2001 , organised by the University of Western Sydney (Milperra) Muslim society told his audience in the context of describing the deception employed by Mohammad in the migration (Hijrah) from Mecca to Medina in 622, that “ Deception is necessary ”. Note Matthews tense. IS not WAS. Keep in mind that this was in March 2001. Before Sept 11, before Afghanistan , before, Bali 1, before Iraq , before Bali 2, before the Madrid bombings and before the London underground bombings. In his lecture notes The Hijrah: A Necessary Phase in the Dawah on page 4, Matthews lists 6 principles, including, under the  heading “ Secrets should be hidden ” the declaration that “today we talk about issues that don't need to be talked about to the general public” -  “what is needed is less talk and more action.” Curious, to say the least. Point 4 of the principles is to “ Employ skill and competence .” Think Stalin's “useful idiots” when you read this principle. Matthews then goes on in point 6 of his principles to exhort his audience that Deception is necessary , and then concludes by saying that “these are only some of the many principles we learn from the migration ( Hijrah ) “principles that can be applied in all aspects of our lives .” Once again note the tone and tense.  Again I feel it necessary to reinforce the point that we are talking about a lecture given in March 2001 and very heavily question the contemporary relevance in Australia of Matthews exhortations about such concepts as the use of deception in all aspects of our daily lives.

* FAMSY website
* A list of the articles and topics published in their magazine
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*FAMSY About us information
* FAMSY is linked from the Islamic Council of Victoria website.

Freedom of speech prevails

(4April06) CAIR (Council on American and Islamic relations) is one of the peak Muslim organisations in the United States and breaks bread at the highest levels of government. That is what makes this case all the more interesting and frightening.

“…Andy Whitehead and ACAIR (Anti-Council on American-Islamic Relations) have something to celebrate: CAIR  has dropped its $1.35 million lawsuit against him….It also provides interest for any cases that CAIR may have brought up against other Americans in their quest to intimidate their critics. (think the two Dannys) CAIR's intimidation through lawsuits has always been its line of defense against critics..” Freedom of speech prevails “..ACAIR reminds our readers that CAIR was started by Hamas members and is supported by terrorist supporting individuals, groups and countries." "Why oppose CAIR? CAIR has proven links to, and was founded by, Islamic terrorists. CAIR is not in the United States to promote the civil rights of Muslims. CAIR is here to make radical Islam the dominant religion in the United States and convert our country into an Islamic theocracy along the lines of Iran ..”

For original case against ACAIR by CAIR click Muslim group sues critic for $1.35 million- Website calls CAIR terrorist-backer seeking Islamist regime in U.S .

also see CAIR founded by Islamic Terrorists by Daniel Pipes

Who Pays When the Last Helicopter Leaves?

(4April06) “…The real question is who will lose the most when that last helicopter leaves? If the history is our guide, it would not be the US but those countries left behind. Future American presidents may figure out a different way to fight and win the war on terror just as they figured out a different way to fight and win the Cold War. But the same cannot be said about the places left behind…” Who Pays When the Last Helicopter Leaves? By Judith Apter Klinghoffer “…The worse thing that can happen to a country is to have the last American helicopter take off. The best thing that can happen to a country is to have Americans consider its well being as its own affair. So, yes, it is possible to make Americans leave. Indeed, it is easy. Both France and the Philippines asked them to leave and they did in a timely and orderly fashion. But the price of evicting them in an untimely and violent fashion is horrendous, not as much to Americans as to the country the last helicopter leaves behind…”

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