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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Mental floss and loose threads — Trump v Obama

I’d rather have Donald Trump in charge of this Coronavirus business and the extraction of any reparations from China in whatever form, than Mr big talking, Mr do nothing, smooth operator and business as usual, Obama. Mr big talking ‘red line’, in Syria, Obama. Mr...

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Random Notes and Mental Floss — Political Autobiographies

What is it with the Lear Jet elites and their self serving book titles designed to frame theIr morally vain authors as deep, noble, contemplative and above the fray as they try and retcon or rewrite and airbrush their history? This week it’s the unflushable, Turnbull...

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Why Did This Happen? Martin Iles

Governments should be servants of the truth; but what happens when truth is sacrificed? The Coronavirus is an object lesson – for governments and individuals alike

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Random Note — The Dark Arts of Economic Bullshit

We’ve seen it all and heard it all over several decades and given the expert and political class the benefit of the doubt that they knew what they were doing. They didn’t and at last they’ve been exposed as the dumb, unimpressive charlatans and snake-oil operators they are. 

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