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The problem with the 1942, Menzies “forgotten people” meme in 2017, is that we’ve over corrected to the extent that no one is forgotten at all anymore. And many should be.

With the politics of disruption, division and identity, there’s a government grant, pension, payment, allowance, subsidy or deduction for just about everyone for anything and everything. Everyone has been carved out by the political class for special attention and made to believe that somehow they’re a victim and worthy of government largesse, right down to the recently exposed UFO group on the NSW Central Coast with their $6000 grant.

Over the last four or five decades the JFK exhortation of asking “what you can do for your country” has been totally trashed, traduced and turned on its head and the idea of “what your country can do for you” so entrenched and embedded.

As opposed to Menzies time, in 2017 we need more forgotten people not fewer.