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Hillel the Elder, 110BC. One of his most famous quotes or a variation thereof is:

“If not me, who? If not now, when?”

For the first time in a long time, people in Mackellar are wrestling with the dilemma of who to vote for, the “Labor lite” Liberals, (best exemplified and epitomised by their endorsed candidate) or full strength Labor.

It is because of this dilemma that I offer myself up as a circuit breaker.

I am running for election as the sensible centre: Conservative Independent in Mackellar because I believe the two major parties have chaotically drifted way off course in a blind race to the bottom: in pursuit of some “magic pudding” fantasy whereby every sectional, factional, cultural, interest and identity group can feast at the expense of everyone else.

Everyone wants special favour and something for nothing. But it’s never for nothing.

Someone else must give up something to feed someone else’s want. This is best demonstrated by the fact that in Australia we have the absurd situation whereby 40 per cent of all households and 30 per cent of working households pay no net tax. That is, the benefits they receive are greater than the taxes they pay.

We are forever being lectured on sustainability but when it comes to the economy the major parties have a “let it rip” mindset with the can being kicked down the road for the next generation to deal with.

This is the drift I refer to and in anyone’s language it is simply absurd and must stop. In this observation, I believe, I represent the views and aspirations of the sensible centre at the Federal Election on July 2.


40% of all households pay no net tax


30% of working households pay no net tax

Your vote is the key to unlocking the future for the seat of Mackellar and who knows, together, we might actually start something

Having lived, worked, and raised two kids on the Northern Beaches since 1992, I now find it imperative to put my hand up to be your representative in Canberra as the Conservative Independent Candidate for Mackellar.

I’m not seeking your vote as a career move. I’m not and never have been an insider more concerned with the political intrigue or as a back room political manipulator or operator.

I’ve had many conversations throughout Mackellar in recent times and the overarching message I’m hearing is that the people are jaundiced and jaded. People are tired. They are frayed, and frazzled and sick of being totally ignored.

They’re feeling alienated and disenfranchised by those they thought were looking out for them. Think, forced council amalgamations for example..

It’s a mindset of, “why bother”.

I’m just a regular bloke with a voice like thousands of others who is willing to stand up and be heard.

As alluded to earlier, what has fired me up to take a stand as a Conservative Independent for Mackellar representing the sensible centre is the preselection of the endorsed Liberal candidate.

Samantha Maiden on the Sky News Viewpoint program on April 17th and who is the National Political Editor, at the Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Herald Sun, Sunday Mail and Sunday Times said of his preselection that.

“…Jason Falinski, who is the Liberal Party equivalent of a communist…”

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Jim Ball - Conservative Independent in Mackellar

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Like many current and former Liberal Party members and ordinary unaligned people, on both sides of the political divide, I have stood by for some while shaking my head in dismay and disbelief, watching this slow-mo, car crash disintegration of the Liberal Party as it has drifted aimlessly and dangerously close to the falls. They are now in the rapids and picking up speed as seat by seat, (North Sydney and Mackellar being the most recent examples to tumble,) come under the control of a rabble of far left empty suits, hacks, backroom operators and Machiavellian overlords as they practice their factional dark arts on the people of Mackellar.

This process has been further turbo charged by the elevation of Malcolm Turnbull to party leader as he chases a rampant Bill Shorten to the left, all the while, bleeding his party base to the right.

Former Queensland Premier Wayne Goss in 1996 made the observation about the Keating Government that the people were biding their time, sitting on their front porches, waiting with their baseball bats, come the election.

The Liberal party should take note. The mood is ugly. The people are grouchy and have simply stopped listening and walked away. They too, are biding their time, waiting on their front porches for July 2.


Election Campaign Donations

As most people would understand, funding an election campaign is an expensive business. Major parties spend hundreds of thousands even close to a million dollars on some seats.

With those eye watering amounts, the average voter can begin to imagine how the costs impact on the smaller parties and  independents, notwithstanding the public funding if you get more than 4% of the first preference vote.

With this in mind and to help defray costs I am seeking your support by way of a donation. Whatever you can afford. No matter how big or small, your contribution to democracy would be greatly appreciated.

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It’s time to apply the blow torch to the belly of The Liberal Party.

A message must be sent – My election to the seat of Mackellar is that message!