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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Charlie Lynn’s Resignation Letter From The GWS Giants

Good to see that a few warriors for Australia, people of the calibre and moral fibre of Charlie Lynn, still have principals and standards. Charlie, a member of the NSW upper house for 20 years from 1995, is a Trek Leader for Adventure Kokoda and a developer of the...

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Random Notes — The poisoning of the mind

After watching the events of the last week unravel in the United States and with the understanding that the behaviour and attitudes of national self loathing aren’t just shaped, forged and fashioned in a vacuum but are derived from decades of tenured 1960’s radicals...

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Sunday Morning Mental Floss — The Forgotten People

Sunday Morning Mental Floss — The Forgotten People The problem with the Sir Robert Menzies, 1942 “Forgotten People” speech reference, when viewed through the rear vision mirror of 2020, is that we’ve over-corrected to the extent that no one is forgotten at all any...

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Random Note — China’s War Room

We can only guess that other states aren’t already in play as part of China’s long term plans on a giant world war two strategy table, being moved around with croupiers rakes and war-gamed from their fluorescent festooned, subterranean and bomb-proof Belt and Road war room.

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