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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Random Note — Education

Because of the deliberate dumbing down, it is their education ‘house’ and their own academic futures that are an emergency, on fire, in crisis and under an existential threat, not the planet
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Random Note — Identity

They are effectively by law, being allowed to drag you down to their level of stupefying insanity and you are compelled to join them in their wacky hall of concave and convex mirrors and pretend that everything is normal.
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Random Note — The ABC

As there are absolutely no signs of reform, self-awareness or introspection, perhaps the only remaining option is for the government to fund a second national broadcaster.
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Random Note — Staggering Stats

Two very interesting statistics that illustrates the dilemma and gets to the heart of the problem confronting the nation. Statistics that have been the deliberate work and orchestrated and implemented  by a permanent bureaucracy and governments of both persuasions --...

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Random Note — China

One of the best explanations about the difference between Western democracies and China's strategic play, is in the recent book, Trump vs China, by former speaker of the US congress and former professor of history and geography, Newt Gingrich. In an entire chapter on...

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Random Note — Co2, carbon and context

Lesson one in class at 9am today should be five minutes outdoors, in the playground with teachers pointing to the sky and telling kids that the visible cloud hanging around in the sky and making breathing difficult inducing much wheezing and asthma in recent days and weeks, is ACTUAL carbon. The real thing. It is NOT co2
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Random Note — Berlin Wall 1989

Over the last few days and again today, there’s been a great deal written about the historical and pivotal days thirty years ago, in 1989, that saw the fall of the Berlin Wall which divided communist East Germany from democratic West Germany and Europe more broadly,...

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