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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Random Note — The 2021 Census and Losing Our Religion

It’s not so much that Australia is losing its religion, rather than changing its religion to that of the temporal and secular.Specifically, the religion of the Climate Cult, complete with its own set of traditions and rituals.
The similarities are remarkable.

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The left’s marching orders — American Thinker

“…If you read Manifesto, you will feel that you are reading the marching orders for the modern Left, that you are reading what all leftists have sworn allegiance to. It is virtually a complete list of their grievances -- victimhood, religion, borders, the family,...

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Random Note — Gender…”When you wish upon a star”  

The iconoclastic left refers to the realities they abhor and wish to tear down or change as “a social construct” and therefore of no consequence, or simply an invented phenomena and thus out of fashion with the belief systems de jour and up for a capricious and...

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Random Note — Julian Assange

Hey Chris, in your discussion over Julian Assange with Dick Smith I'm surprised that neither of you raised the  US Supreme Court ruling in favour of the New York Times over the Pentagon Papers? Daniel Ellsberg was the leaker and the New York Times the publisher. With...

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Random Note — Aboriginal Ambassadors? 

Nothing better for cohesion than an emphasis on division, eh?   If there’s not a crisis, create one, in the ongoing, rolling revolution of the left. That would seem to be the philosophy underlying Labor’s thinking on this. Why else would you contemplate such an...

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Random Note — Election 2022 — Push Polling

I notice the Climate 200 ‘independent’ running in the electorate of McKellar on Sydney's Northern Beaches are seriously organised with hundreds of volunteers and their Get Up inspired ground game. In peak hour, from the fire station (South Narrabeen Surf Club)...

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