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Random Notes - Idle Thoughts

Random Note — Americans Are Hostage To The TaliBiden ,

It is impossible not to see the similarities and draw parallels  between what’s going with the chaos unravelling in Afghanistan and the broader geopolitical ramifications with thousands of Americans held hostage behind enemy lines by the Taliban and the similar experience of thousands of Americans and entire cities, held hostage ‘behind enemy lines’ to the BLM, Antifa inspired and orchestrated, Democrat supported and sponsored (even by the Vice President) chaos, looting, burning, murder and mayhem in American cities  last summer.

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Random Note — Climate And Empirical Evidence

The science is in and the empirical evidence, based purely on our collective, observations and lived experience over many, many decades and despite all the selective but inaccurate modelling and data manipulation, think, the Hockey Stick graph, all the conferences,...

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Random Note — Vaccine Logic

For the anti-vaxxers I’ve always found the counter argument a slam dunk and impossible to repudiate. It revolves around benchmarks and timelines. Pick any disease from polio to tuberculosis to smallpox, measles, whatever. Pick the year the vaccine for each was...

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Random Note — Vaccinations Refuseniks

The refuseniks and anti-vaxxers with their drive-by opinions, are simply an extension of the narcissistic, selfie, ‘I know my rights’ mindset that has been inculcated into a couple of generations and best understood through the lens of the Dunning-Kruger effect,...

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Random Note — Covid And Anatomy Of A Shakedown

Elements of the response to both climate change and the covid 19 virus have been so riddled with curious contradictions and such moving targets that they are both certainly looking looking more and more suspicious and as being contrived, curated, orchestrated, and conveniently leveraged for maximum effect to bring about economic change.

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