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Burchell Wilson doesn’t miss:

“..People are terrified now to voice opinions about legitimately contestable issues of national importance, unless of course they’re on the Left, in which case anything goes. Even statements that are outrageous and “demonstrably false”, from anonymous sources naturally, can be aired on the state broadcaster consequence-free by its left-leaning political editor. Accordingly, the totality of non-progressive leadership now consists of empty generalities and vapid statements of the obvious.


Journalists with serious economic credentials are virtually non-existent in this country. If you had those qualifications, you wouldn’t think twice about working in a low-paid profession with poor job security, alongside the stress of daily deadlines and real-time reporting.


The media instead self-selects for people who are pathologically biased and view their employment as a way to subsidise their activism. Few seem to stop to contemplate why they are listening to financial and economic reporting from barely employable liberal arts graduates with no real competence and limited accountability. 


It’s obvious to anyone that gives these matters a moment’s thought that the press are little more than thinly veiled activists masquerading as journalists.


It is difficult for this country to sustain a coherent debate about economic policy issues when those tasked with reporting on them are so dangerously unable to comprehend the subject matter.


Journalists not only ignore and refuse to report objectively on contentious policy issues, they also actively campaign to undermine our institutions of government and vindictively seek to terminate the employment of anyone who disagrees with them. 


Journalists and their editors for years have been actively engaged in ruthless campaigns to terrorize and silence their political opposition.


The worst thing about all of it is how conservative politicians have abandoned their constituents to the torment of these inquisitors. We have now finally reached a point where the kill-me-last conservatives are being put through the meat-grinder they allowed to relentlessly chew through the rest of us with stony-faced indifference. 


Journalists and their journalism are a sheet anchor on our national prosperity. The media are hostile to the truth and particularly vicious toward those who would hold them to account. 


Anyone seriously committed to Australia’s national interest will need to demolish the press and walk through the grotesque smear campaigns that will be unleashed upon them by this increasingly despicable group of people. If you’re not being attacked by the press, you simply aren’t doing your job properly and are, in all likelihood, part of the problem.


For too long we have allowed our national policy conversation to be out-sourced to pseudo-intellectual narcissists calling themselves journalists. Australians are right to lose trust in the custodians of the fourth estate, they have abused their position for too long and too thoroughly.


 Further erosion of trust in the press is a necessary pre-condition for economic reform. Fortunately, in newsrooms across the country, journalists and editors are doing their worst to bring that about…”

A Conservative Abandons Almost All Hope — Burchell Wilson, Quadrant