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Random Note — Sentence first – verdict afterwards —Thinking more about the atrocious front page treatment of Geoffrey Rush by the Daily Telegraph and The Sydney Theatre Company, and Rush having to endure allegations and wear the cloak of ignominy without being furnished with any detail whatsoever, by the Sydney Theatre Company, I’ve been wracking my brain as to where I’ve seen this movie before.
Then it hit me and it kind of fits with all of this new age dispensation of justice and flies in the face of some of the basics of our legal system like, for instance, being able to confront or at least face your accuser and the right to know what it is you are being accused of and by whom.

Like so much else these days it was straight out of Alice in Wonderland when the Knave of Hearts was on trial for stealing tarts, tarts that Alice had actually stolen.

“..Let the jury consider their verdict,’ the King said, for about the twentieth time that day. No, no! said the Queen. Sentence first – verdict afterwards..”