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The ABC’s Chris Uhlmann has incurred the wrath of the pointy hat and pitchfork brigade. The purse lipped, no nonsense, finger wagging pc crowd are outraged and just can’t handle the truth or being contradicted by someone they thought was one of their own, on THEIR ABC.

“…The ABC’s political editor, Chris Uhlmann, has doubled down on his controversial claim last week that South Australia’s heavy reliance on wind generation is linked to the blackout. The former AM and 7.30 host also openly taunted his critics by tweeting his latest analysis with the comment that it “should keep the pitchfork crowd busy for days”…….”What sparked the ire of Parkinson, Eltham and others was that Uhlmann went on News 24 and radio immediately after the blackout and said that 40% of the state’s power is wind generated and “that has the problem of being intermittent”. In an online piece on the same day he warned that if wind energy goes unchecked “the entire nation might go to black”. But, unbowed by the critics on Thursday, Uhlmann published a third piece in which he likened himself to a heretic who was being burned at the stake for his views and he accused his critics of being hysterical…”  ABC viewers go dark on Chris Uhlmann after South Australian blackout ‘heresy’