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Over the last few days and again today, there’s been a great deal written about the historical and pivotal days thirty years ago, in 1989, that saw the fall of the Berlin Wall which divided communist East Germany from democratic West Germany and Europe more broadly, with a brick and barbed wire wall. What became known as The Iron Curtain

Back in a previous life in radio, and more than once, I made the observation that one reason the wall came down so easily, pretty much overnight, probably had lot to do with the fact that it had more than served its purpose of keeping people in, while communist sympathisers and activists embedded in the West, had over many decades, generations, already been tip toeing around like a cat burglar in the night having quietly and sufficiently penetrated and undermined the West via the unlocked backdoor of our democracy.

And we had no idea.

This was via both The Frankfurt School activists of 1918 to 1933 before moving their HQ as it were, from Germany to the US and the now famous ‘Long March Through The Institutions’ concept of Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci whereby, one by one the institutions, traditions, culture and values of Western democracies, starting with our education institutions and national broadcasters, were over decades literally, undermined and taken over.

Their ongoing trick, their ongoing MO has been to execute a very quiet evolution rather than a violent revolution.
It’s takes decades  rather than just the normal course of a war over five or six years but over a generation or two, as the baby boomer generation can testify, having seen and experienced both the before and after effect, the damage is permanent.

No disrespect to termites and white ants but they are the only graphic visualisation I can think of. Their work goes on all round you and, literally under your feet while you are quietly going about your day and the first thing you know about it is when the floor and walls come crashing down, by which time it’s too late.

It seems like it’s come out of nowhere when in fact it’s been planned and worked on for years prior and when it hits, it’s the big reveal.

The damage is done and is permanent. There is absolutely no getting the toothpaste back in the tube.

Last weeks Q&A freak show is the most recent and most direct glaring result. Safe Schools, the promulgation of weird gender theory and the gender wars combined with the likes of the Greta Thunberg and the associated school strike phenomenon, the total voodoo of climate and cultural brain washing, the magic pudding of renewable energy and references to white privilege and thousands of other examples we see and read about every day are the direct result of The Long March and the work of the Frankfurt School.

The ‘in ya face’, overt ransacking and take over by far left activists of the Democratic Party in the US is another case in point. It is no longer the party of Roosevelt, Truman or Kennedy. And despite the hundreds of millions dead and the here and now example of Venezuela in the their own backyard, survey after survey demonstrate that young people fresh out of school and university are more and more leaning towards socialism and see it as an idea whose time has come.

The churches, the judiciary (and although they’re too stupid to realise) even the more recent phenomenon of woke culture that has penetrated and taken over the boardrooms are further examples of the Marxism metastasis.

The infection of the culture as conceived by both Gramsci and The Frankfurt School have both been wildly successful beyond imagination.

Who needs a wall?

The funny thing about democracy is that because of the freedoms it affords, unless you’re constantly vigilant and check the abuse of those freedoms, it actually allows for such a burglary.

That is, democracy contains within it, the seeds of its own destruction.