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The West has finally arrived at peak stupid. Unless our leaders are prepared to attack and defeat this politically correct contagion, it does not deserve to survive.
And it won’t.

“…Just when you thought the trigger-warning trend on campus couldn’t get any more bonkers it’s reported that archaeology students are being allowed to dodge discussions of ‘traumatic’ historic events. Yes, students whose entire academic mission is to dig up bones, pore over old stuff and work out what the hell mankind was doing / thinking a thousand-odd years ago are being warned that such excavations can uncover ‘disturbing’ stuff that might ‘traumatise’ them because ‘bones can be scary’. So they should feel free to nip out of class if it gets too much. Archaeology students being told archaeology is a scary pursuit — I think we’ve reached peak campus madness.

The students in question are at University College London. Those taking the archaeologies of modern conflict course have been given permission by the course tutor to ‘walk out of classes if they find dealing with some topics too traumatic’. These ‘distressed students’ will not be penalised for cutting class, so long as they ‘copy the notes of another student’. (Wait — won’t those notes be traumatising too?) All the course’s students are told in advance that looking into historic wars and events can be ‘disturbing’. It’s like a modern version of that pained medieval cry against exploration of uncharted land: ‘Here be dragons.’

The trigger-warning trend, rampant on American campuses, is spreading in Britain. Before UCL’s warnings about archaeology, Royal Holloway was telling English Lit students that Ovid’s poems describe ‘domestic violence and other nasty things’, so they’d better brace themselves, or maybe avoid Ovid altogether…” If archaeology students can’t cope with ‘scary bones’, they really are doomed