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With various deals being done with the Greens (Senate reform, Liberals) and (the prospect of a deal on a hung parliament, Labor) this Daily Telegraph editorial is a MUST read for everyone because it affects everyone. Young people particularly, must understand what it is they’re voting for with the Greens.

What you see is NOT what you get.

“…. Many assume the Greens are an environmental movement dedicated to the preservation and protection of nature. If this ever was the case, it certainly is not the case now.

The Greens long ago transformed into a far-Left political organisation using environmentalism as concealment.

The positions of the Greens on everything from taxation to industry and education to drugs identify the party as nothing more than agitators for far-Left causes.

As Labor’s Anthony Albanese ­recently pointed out, his election opponent in Grayndler Jim Casey is far more a socialist than a tree-hugger. “The Greens political party candidate who has been chosen in this electorate has spent more time in the international socialist organisation than he has in the Greens political party,” Albanese pointed out. “If he was fair dinkum he’d run as an international socialist and see how many votes he got there….”