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Political correctness is not ­enforced to protect the sensibilities and shield the vulnerabilities of the helpless and the different and the unfairly maligned. It is ­enforced to enhance the conceit and swell the power of the enforcers. Blessed are the righteous, to be sure, but the self-righteous are pains in the arse. Political correctness is as insidious and as silent (it thrives on silence) as herpes. It is progressive in the way that gangrene is progressive, awfully difficult to reverse. It is not a joke when political correctness is taken too far
Fortunately, it is ridiculous, ­except when backed by firearms, when it is lethal. You cannot whack a bearded maniac with an inflated pig’s bladder on a stick if the maniac has a Kalashnikov. The pen is not mightier than the gun at close quarters. The problem is when and where do we prevent these PC pod people from dictating our thoughts, commanding our lives? The how is easy. We continue to call “bullshit”. In public, through every ­medium. Well, almost every ­medium. Twitter and Google are lost already, alas. The price of the right to call “bullshit” is eternal vigilance. Because when the enforcers, your actual totali­tarians and ­authoritarians, the ­arbiters of political correctness, are in absolute power, they are traditionally touchy subjects.