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And the left’s head just keeps on exploding —
“..Donald Trump is a master of controlling the conversation. Every time people think of Elizabeth Warren now, they will think of her lying to get a job, (pretending to be of American Indian heritage) and every time someone mentions Wolff’s book, people are now going to associate Donald Trump with “very stable genius.”
With this president, unlike any Republican for decades, the swamp and the media no longer control the conversation. They are bystanders, and this makes them so mad that they scream and search endlessly for that one thing Trump will say that will be the bridge too far, the thing they can use to dethrone him. They want this so much that they will jump on everything he says – playing his game instead of forcing him to play theirs.
Take the infamous tweet he made about his nuclear button being bigger than little Rocket Man’s nuclear button. People were appalled. It was going to start a war; it was un-presidential; it was a disaster, they said. You could almost hear liberal heads pop…”