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1. Victimization and a Lack of Responsibility

Have you noticed recently that liberals are always victims? Do you know a liberal who isn’t currently being victimized by something? Whether it’s race, gender, wages, weapons, or anything in between, liberals glorify those who are oppressed – regardless of whether or not the oppression is a figment of their imaginations.

2. Hatred for Free Speech

The second biggest problem with the modern liberal is that they publicly proclaim a love for freedom of speech, yet are hypocritically the biggest opponents of freedom. While they want everyone to have the right to be anyone they choose to be – men can choose to be women, people of the same gender can get married, parents can abort unborn children on a whim – they adamantly oppose dialogue that stands in the way of their personal beliefs.

People get fired for having conservative opinions. Students get suspended from public schools for disagreeing with liberal ideology. Twitter is silencing conservatives for disagreeing with liberal perspectives. Why the Modern Liberal is Out of Touch With Reality