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This bloke is either inept, incompetent and dangerous or carrying water for Jihadi Central
“…ASIO boss Duncan Lewis should tell us the truth about refugees and terrorism, or shut up.
Last Friday, Lewis was asked by One Nation leader Pauline Hanson at a Senate committee hearing whether more refugees meant more risk of terrorism.
No link between refugees and Islamic terrorism?
How could Lewis have said that just two days after the NSW coroner reported on the death of two hostages in the Lindt cafe siege, staged by Iranian refugee Man Monis?
How could he say something so obviously false only five days after the son of Libyan refugees blew up 22 people at a pop concert in Manchester?
ASIO acts as if there’s a link between Muslim refugees and terrorism, so why did Lewis claim there wasn’t?
Lewis has so far declined media requests to explain why he said something that appears so false, but if the ASIO chief truly doesn’t know of any links between refugees and terrorism, then he must be sacked, instantly, for being asleep at the wheel.
But I suspect he was just uttering the elites’ conventional sweet untruths about the real danger, to allegedly stop Australians from being “racist”, and to stop Muslims and refugees from feeling so picked on that some would indeed prove dangerous. Don’t pretend there’s no link between refugees and terrorism..” Don’t pretend there’s no link between refugees and terrorism