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Either Malcolm Turnbull is some kind of Manchurian candidate or he and his cronies are complete political novices, bozos, drongos and dills on a multiplicity of levels.
Instead of going to the people when his polling numbers were stratospheric late last year or early this year, he left it too late and has come within an ace of leading his party to defeat and still may well gift the Labor Party with government. To compound the folly he called a double dissolution election on the back of the ABCC bill that barely rated a mention in the course of the campaign and in that context barely uttered the words, Royal Commission, union corruption or even attempted to tie them to Bill Shorten who was a major feature of that commission and that corruption as a union boss.
Thirdly, because of the lesser quota required for a senate spot at a double dissolution he will have to deal with a rogue, Star Wars bar room scene of a senate the likes of which we have never seen.