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Tabloid gottcha questions from a couple of low rating radio hosts aside, 2UE breakfast, how did it ever get to this? This is the end result of dumbing down, where even the teachers are illiterate. Blind leading the blind. Far better that we have the Safe Schools program and all the gender bending and kiddie fiddler grooming.
Much more important.
“..A how to teach grammar manuel has been written ­because many of the state’s 63,000 primary teachers struggle to teach key literacy.

The manual winds back the clock on teacher training to the most basic fundamentals, even explaining to them what makes a sentence, amid concerns thousands of new teachers enter the classroom without a forensic knowledge of grammar, making them ill-equipped to teach it. Grammar disastrously fell out of favour in schools during the 1980s, creating a generation of students who left school without learning the mechanics of language. Senior educators described it as an “intergenerational problem” that was now affecting teachers and today’s students..”