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This is getting ugly and grotesque in the extreme and not Australia. In the recesses of their minds, these people are giving vent to their inner thug and bully. These are the heel clipping Brown Shirts, the preening, virtue signallers, the rainbow gestapo strutting their moral vanity. Free speech and the ability to proffer an unapproved view is dead.
“…Tennis legend Margaret Court has returned serve to a Perth tennis club that turfed her out as a patron this week, saying she is being silenced for her views on same-sex marriage.
Despite being dumped by Cottesloe Tennis Club, Mrs Court remained defiant yesterday, accusing the LGBTQI community of wanting to “destroy marriage”.
Mrs Court said she was disappointed the tennis club had dumped her as vice-patron, saying the move was “politically motivated”.
“I think it’s sad. You don’t have the freedom of speech today to really defend yourself,” she said.
“It’s a sad day for our nation when it comes to that.
Tennis West chief executive Michael Roberts said given Mrs Court’s views were so polarising, she needed to accept what came her way and that he did not think the decision was a mistake.
“If you’ve got an opinion that’s very polarising, when you’re so firmly supportive or against something, then it’s going to have an impact on how you’re perceived in the community,” he said….”