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This is government sponsored corruption. This is demanding money with menaces. It’s the stuff of the Mafia. It’s extortion. Its blackmail. You just have to read this.

It’s about how a fellow who had no idea (because he was never told by the AHRC that he was part of a complaint,) to pay $5000 in go away money.
And Turnbull does nothing except call an inquiry which is just an attempt to kick the can down the road to get 18c out of the headlines.
As for Bill Leaks case under 18c, he goes through hell for several months, lawyers-up at great expense and the complainant then this week drops her complaint with no penalty against her.

“…Findlater said the first he knew was when he saw the LinkedIn message, three months after the failure of the commission’s August 3 conciliation conference in which he was a named party. Documents show the commission had decided by late August that there was “no reasonable prospect of the matter being settled by conciliation”, ­resulting in it being escalated to court.

How, Findlater asks, can the commission be serious about “conciliation” when it does not once tell him there is a complaint? How, he questions, did it decide conciliation would not be possible when he did not know about it?

Read the lot. Prior’s lawyer demanded Findlater pay $5000. He spent $10,000 on lawyers before decided the danger, the reputational damage and the expense was not worth it. He offered to pay $3500 because he had no money but Prior’s lawyer was firm: $5000 or be sued for $250,000.

He paid…”  The persecution of