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This is chock full of interesting time lines. Seething for Power

As I wrote on Monday, Turnbull, running dead as he did over the 8 week campaign, is either the Manchurian Candidate or hopelessly ham-fisted, and incompetent. I’m leaning towards the former. (almost) mission accomplished.

11th September, 1994 – Democrats Senator, and future Labor MP, Cheryl Kernot confirms that Malcolm Turnbull has discussed with her the possibility of forming a new party together that would split the Liberal Party.

March, 1987 – Turnbull launches an investment bank with two Labor Party figures. They are former NSW Labor Premier Neville Wran (whom Turnbull would later say was his “best friend”), and Nicholas Whitlam, son of the radical leftist and former Labor Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam. His nickname among the bank’s employees was “The Ayatollah”.39

1st October, 1987 – Turnbull attends a benefactors’ luncheon for Bob Carr, who was then a state Labor MP for the NSW seat of Maroubra and a minister in the Unsworth Labor Government. It is revealed that, while working at The Bulletin together, Turnbull and Carr were co-authoring a spy novel set around the 1980 Olympic Games. They are longtime “close friends” according to Turnbull.





PART 2 – Seething for Power