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“….Gen-Fed men were resilient and practical – “can-do” blokes who could fix anything with a bit of wire. Gen-Fed women cooked, sewed, knitted, preserved fruit and grittily, bravely, stoically held families together in times of adversity. Theirs is a story of hardship and disruption, by and large. In their early twenties Gen-Fed men were shipped off to the Great War, to the hell-hole that was Gallipoli or the mud and mayhem of the Western Front. More than 60,000 Australian men died in that war. That’s 15,000 per year, or 300 per week. And many who returned struggled with what we now know to be post-traumatic stress disorder. The Roaring ’20s must have been a joyful, hope-filled time. But they were followed by the Great Depression and unemployment above 30 per cent. Homelessness was oddly romanticised as swagmen went “on the wallaby” in search of work…” A Generation Of Heroes