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Impossible to disagree. Rinehart has actually done the big stuff and taken her inheritance to a phenomenal level. The politicians should listen to someone whose been there and done that and whose been off the bitumen. As she has pointed out on previous occasions, for her $10 billion Roy Hill mine to get off the ground she had to seek out and apply for 3000 licences, permits and approvals from various Federal and State bureaucracies and Qangos. There’s the problem right there.

“..Gina Rinehart has slammed politicians who don’t “have the guts” to reduce the ballooning cost of government.

The iron ore magnate, the nation’s richest woman, questioned why India could cut red tape yet Australia could not.

Ms Rinehart said government spending was a massive issue overlooked so far this election campaign.

Gina Rinehart calls out Australian politicians she says lack courage

She said the International Monetary Fund had found the level of government spending in Australia was growing at an alarming pace — the fastest among 17 comparable countries.

“There is one giant cost slab that isn’t decreasing: government,” she told The Saturday Telegraph in an exclusive interview.

The Hancock Prospecting executive chair, whose personal wealth is estimated to be about $6 billion, said the bloated and expanding size of government was behind the record government debt.

“India has the guts to do what it’s doing to cut at least federal red tape, with the consequent immense benefits to its people, driving investment, jobs, economic growth and living standards — why can’t Australia?” she said…”