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“…The only thing Clinton has going for her is a liberal media that has abandoned the principles of journalism in favor of an establishment candidate who has more baggage than Samsonite. As Trump often points out, Hillary is in bed with the lobbyists and mega-buck donors who are used to having elected officials in their pockets, like so much loose change. He represents the voice of the people, which has been systematically robbed by a crooked cartel that runs the country for their own personal gain.

This election will determine if the voters have been propagandized out of their ability to discern fiction from reality. If the mainstream media is able to pettifog with devious distractions and deceptive cover-ups for their chosen one, it will likely mean that we will never again have the chance to resurrect this country’s greatness. Make no mistake about it: they want Hillary in the White House to prove they still control the thought process of the electorate. A Trump victory will mean that the media will be gobsmacked by a newly educated public who no longer allow it to foist corrupt candidates on them like tobacco companies selling cancer for a profit…”  Media Sells Hillary Like Tobacco Companies Selling Cancer