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I first became aware of Giles Auty when back in June 2000 I read a column by him in Quadrant, ‘Postmodernism’s Assault on Western Culture’.
Postmodernism holds for example that there are no truths, that everything is relative and that all cultures are equal. One of the standout couple of paragraphs was the following: (Consider this in the context of any number of issues, the latest of which is SSM)
‘..The trick, from a progressivist point of view, is to get the first fallacy past the public’s guard while it is not paying proper attention, in order that the super-structure can later be built upon it. The seminal lie of radicalism is that all change is automatically for the better, even though much of our experience of life teaches us otherwise. It was on the basis of this simple lie that self-styled radicals were first able to seize and retain the moral high ground—and to pour hot oil from there on any doubters or dissenters below “If you disagree with us you are obstructing progress,” the radical yells, hoping nobody spots the basic flaw in this statement. For who among us is quali¬fied to decide what constitutes progress? Naturally, self-styled progressives claim such decision-making as their exclusive prerogative. That is why senseless, destructive and otherwise ill-conceived initiatives continue to be sprung on us—in education especially—in the confident and generally justified belief that few will dare to oppose them. After all, who wants to be called a reac¬tionary; a Luddite or a fascist? What makes moral cow-ards of so many is nothing more than a cultural confidence trick..’
It was one of those things you read from time to time that stay embedded in your brain. It tipped me off and made me alert and aware of what was to come, and more and more, as the years roll by, you can see the results of the uneducated, brainwashed Eloi type dolts and drones pouring out of university with their humanity degrees and their let it rip world view of anything goes, identity politics.
Below is an extract from his latest column in the latest Spectator.
“..Karl Marx had a particular hatred of Catholicism which he correctly perceived as the bulwark of Western civilisation most likely to thwart his plans. As Paul Kengor states appropriately in his recent book Takedown: from communists to progressives how the Left has sabotaged family and marriage: ‘Communism begins where atheism begins. They were all interconnected: communism, atheism, abolition of religion, abolition of marriage, abolition of the family – all peas in the same pod.’
Just before Christmas, one of the holier times of the Christian calendar, Mr Turnbull welcomed the runaway ‘success’ of the same-sex marriage plebiscite with what seemed to be tears of joy. Presumably now that they can be legally ‘wed’ there will be rather fewer infidelities by Harry and Larry or Holly and Polly. Traditionally such folk were rather more promiscuous than their so-called heteronormative peers.
Politicians who take the trouble to educate themselves properly – since such an ambition remains rather hard to achieve these days through our existing public facilities – ought surely to be aware that SSM is merely an historic cog in the Marxist ideological machine the overall aim of which was and is to bring Western civilisation to its knees. Who can argue with that machine’s evident recent successes?
It is my belief that anyone with even half a brain could not have voted for SSM if they had read Kengor’s excellent book before voting. Luckily for us, however, true intellectuals still exist in our world who can cut through the all-enveloping moral haze created by post-modernism, neo-Marxism and all its other basically communist derivatives.
In Australia, however, we are also in danger of being so dumbed down by our regular media that many of our leaders can do or say more or less anything they want with impunity. Australia is by no means unique in such a regard, of course, because those living in Europe have in recent years been fed a continuous diet of lies by their leaders.
Thus multiculturalism which is self-evidently an issue largely concerning creeds and beliefs was sold for years on end as being a question largely of race. Under this totally misleading umbrella, ‘racism’ was thus even made a punishable offence.
Have you yet read The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islamby Douglas Murray? In it, Murray illustrates with innumerable examples how those living in contemporary democracies are lied to consistently by their leaders who imagine, often rightly, that their constituents are too thick or muddled to notice.
What ordinary people living in democracies do notice however are the effects of their leaders’ policies.
When I was a young man travelling anywhere in Europe was a joyous, educative and very largely safe experience – with the possible exception of driving on Spanish roads in the early 1960s. Today, however, the roads are the least of the problems of Europe largely because of mass immigrations by often utterly unsuitable people.
The residents always knew this of course but were consistently betrayed by their leaders.
Do you notice any parallels to our recent experiences in Australia?’