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Meet the LINO. The “Liberal In Name Only” endorsed Liberal candidate for Mackellar

Election 2016: Liberal candidate argued for humane approach to asylum seekers
The high-profile Liberal Party candidate who rolled Bronwyn Bishop had described asylum seekers who came to Australia by boat as the victims of pirates and crooks and said they should be welcomed rather than shunned.

Jason Falinski, who won Liberal pre-selection to replace Mrs Bishop as the party’s candidate for the blue-ribbon Sydney seat of Mackellar last month, wrote an opinion piece advocating in favour of “freeing up borders”.

In The Australian Financial Review co-authored by barrister and former Liberal adviser Greg Barns, Mr Falinski wrote, Australia needed a larger, more liberal immigration program.

He also dismissed the “doomsayers” who warned that increased immigration would lead to higher unemployment, create ghettos or strain social cohesion.

“None of these arguments has held up over time,” he wrote. Australia’s stance should be clear: “Let them come and hope they stay.”

(why would any self respecting Liberal write a column with Greg Barnes? You are judged by the company you keep and Barnes is so far to the left, the buses don’t even go there. We can only draw from that combination that Falinski and Barnes are of one mind. Which begs the question, on what other issues are Falinski and Barnes like minded?)