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“…America’s woke military of 2021 has echoes of the heavily politicized French military that was routed by the Nazi Germans in 1940.  Is the Woke U.S. Military Going the Way of 1940’s France?

Today’s increasingly bureaucratic, politicized, and visionless Pentagon faces a massive military build-up from the People’s Republic of China, not unlike that faced by France in the 1930s. The Chinese remain undeterred by the United States and its allies. Fear is gone.

China violated the pact with Great Britain that was supposed to have guaranteed Hong Kong’s autonomy until 2040 by quashing its special status and sending in troops, not unlike the German remilitarization of the Rhineland in 1936.

Interwar France was dominated by a plutocratic elite that preferred appeasing the rising fascists to confronting them, not unlike in today’s America where the corporate elites refuse to confront China due to their economic ties. France’s plutocracy used the threat of violence to intimidate its government into the posture of appeasement.


France’s crushing defeat in June 1940 at the hands of Nazi Germany shocked the world. Its colonial empire spanned across the globe, from Africa to Southeast Asia, to South America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.


The country had the strongest military in Europe on paper. Bureaucracy and incompetent leadership combined with divisive, polarized, and politicized climate in the military hampered the French Army and Air Force’s ability to repel the invader. The French generals focused on refighting World War I. American generals and admirals remain entrenched in twentieth-century tactics and strategies.


Germany took advantage of advances in radio technology that gave its tanks advantages over the French, whose bureaucratic command structure and lack of similar innovation, resulted in the humiliation of France and the subjugation of my family by the Nazis.


By contrast, the Nazis were united, well-led, disciplined, and nimble. China’s military may be untested, but it has a similar ideological unity to the Germans and a home-field advantage that may lead the U.S. military to defeat just as the wargames have predicted.


A military without patriotism and a reason for being is one that’s destined for the same fate as France’s military in 1940. Give more power and command authority to those in the lower levels to make decisions without needing to run their actions up the chain of command.

Unless a radical shift happens, the United States could face its worst military defeat since Japan invaded the Philippines in 1942—a U.S. commonwealth at the time…”

Is the Woke U.S. Military Going the Way of 1940’s France?