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Daily now, jihadist savages are butchering non-believers throughout the West.
Priests are being beheaded. Gays are being gunned down. Revellers are being run over.

The “drip-drip” nature of the jihadist’s Long War is beginning to intensify into a steady stream of chaos and violence that seeks to corrode our morale until we willingly submit.

In a prescient piece dated August 12, 2005, the German Spiegel reviewed the work of Jordanian journalist Fouad Hussein, a man who embedded himself among Al Qaeda’s top leaders, among other jihadists, and turned his correspondence with such Islamic terrorists into a book “al-Zarqawi – al-Qaida’s Second Generation.”

In the book, the title of which refers to slain Al Qaeda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Hussein asserts based on his findings that Al Qaeda has developed a 7 step, 20-year plan for Islamic domination, culminating with “definitive victory” by 2020.

Here are the Fourth through Sixth phases of the plan as paraphrased by the Spiegel: READ ON at the link. Jihadist savages plan ‘total victory’ by 2020 … and they’re right on track