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As you read this consider the record amounts of money nations like Australia are pouring into education as we continue to slide down the international rankings table in the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. Think about programs like Safe Schools as they crowd out the basics of the school day.

“…Fabian Socialists willingly accept a subversive role. They operate as saboteurs, like termites eating the foundations of a house. These secret Socialists become “agents of influence” and “change agents” – all synonyms for the same sneaks. They will change your world whether you like it or not. K-12: Criminal minds at work

Note that these people are now conspirators working in secret. They can’t help being dishonest. In education, they are changing your children in ways they have not explained and you have not approved. They promise to “educate” your kid, but what they mean is that they will indoctrinate your kid.

In his last book, Samuel Blumenfeld summed up the juggernaut this way: “K-12 education is a criminal enterprise from top to bottom.” (His title tells you everything: Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children.)

The same story is told by Charlotte Iserbyt in The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America and by John Taylor Gatto in his The Underground History of American Education. Both books are available free on the internet.

These three books, and many others, reinforce the same crucial insight. This country did not have a weird stretch of bad luck so that our schools got dumber and dumber. Far from it. We have been the victims of a continuous assault. Muggings are not accidents; they are violent crimes. The average American is the target of this plot. The muggers are the Education Establishment, serenely smug about their philosophical beliefs.

So-called “progressive” education is more invasive and hostile than most parents ever realize. Socialists don’t want to teach kids to read and count; they want to rewire them philosophically and emotionally. Furthermore, all this social engineering is wrapped in deception that renders it more immoral. Our elite educators engage in deceptive advertising, bad faith, mislabeling, and consumer fraud. A tangled web, indeed.

Many children can’t read. They can’t do basic arithmetic. They don’t know the most basic information. All of that is made possible by the disdain and malfeasance of the country’s education commissars.

To accomplish its dirty work, our Education Establishment has two strategies: eliminate as much of the traditional curriculum as possible, and then muddle whatever is left so that students don’t understand or retain very much.