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An observation derived from one of the comments at the bottom of Miranda Devine’s column on language, Chief Inspector, Oberfuhrer, David Morrison from the PC Diversity Council.

How would he deal with someone with the name Guy “Chap”-“Man”?  That one name contains every “ist” and “ism” known to man. Sorry, m*n. And would drive I’m insane. Sorry, (again) MORE insane.

Here’s an idea Davo. Get out of your sandbox, grow a pair and grow up.

Miranda makes an interesting point though. Why isn’t this prissy little, purse lipped, finger wagging former army chief, Morrison, focusing his energy and “intellect” such as it is, on helping Veterans who have returned from various theatres of war with everything from PTSD to drug addiction etc

What a grotesquely appalling character. This bloke needs a good shove and a good bullying.