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Would the last liberal in the Liberal Party please turn off the lights?

“…Waves of memberships, donations and pledges of support from people who have traditionally supported the Liberals are flowing into other parties that support liberal values. We’ve certainly benefited at the Liberal Democrats, and we understand the same has occurred at Family First.

We first noticed a shift from the Liberals when the Coalition dropped its commitment to free speech and the repeal of Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act. And we have noticed it every time the government blocks a foreign investor, describes a new spending program as an “initiative” or “investment”, or tweaks a tax to raise more revenue.

Real liberals are leaving the Liberals in droves. A similar phenomenon has been seen before on the other side of politics. For years, the Greens have been gaining members, donations and votes from people who traditionally supported Labor, but who yearned for more interventionist policy in areas like tobacco control and renewable energy. Now the Coalition is losing support from traditional supporters who yearn for more liberal, responsible and market-oriented policies.

With each passing week the Liberals are bleeding members, donors and first-preference votes. That the Prime Minister has arranged for this election campaign to be one of the longest in Australian history is surely a matter of considerable concern at Coalition campaign headquarters, and considerable celebration elsewhere…”

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