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Mackellar. A blue ribbon seat without the blue ribbon service and if you vote for MORE of the same, you’ll get MORE of the same.

Mackellar is a case study of what happens when one party has a stranglehold. Very little. And the Liberal Party has had that stranglehold since 1949. That’s 67 years. The Liberals take it for granted, Labor gives it up as a lost cause.

THIS time IT’S time.

All the upgrades to Mona Vale Road have been reactive to fatal accidents rather than a proactive integrated response to massive growth and development and therefore more cars and so here we are in 2016 and it is still just a winding 6 or 7 kilometres, two lanes up hill to Terrey Hills. It can’t be just fobbed off as “a state issue” any longer and recent announcements by the state come way too late and are again nothing more than a sheepish, reactive, political fix to political embarrassment.

The same goes for The Wakehurst Parkway to Frenchs Forest. A winding two lanes up hill and a dangerous log jam that floods regularly putting increased pressure on the remaining two arteries (Mona Vale and Pittwater Roads) and not so much as an announcement of a plan to have plan or any kind of scoping study to even waterproof it let alone widen it to 2 lanes each way. Good luck in your emergency trip to the new level 5 Frenchs Forest Hospital when it opens in 2018 and which sits right by the side of the Wakehurst at Frenchs Forest.

And the rebadging and marketing of the government bus service as “The B Line” is just another bureaucratic snow job. There is still only so much vehicular capacity on Pittwater road.

The government should simply commit to finishing the visionary work of engineer John Bradfield with a tunnel off the Wakehurst under Middle Harbour (originally planned as a bridge) to link up with the Warringah Freeway and onto the Harbour Bridge. The Warringah Freeway off the bridge was completed in 1968 and reaches as far as Cammeray. The last major road infrastructure in Mackellar was the widening of Forest Way 30 years ago.

Remember, if you vote for MORE of the same, you’ll get MORE of the same.

This TIME, It’s TIME. 

Make Mackellar Matter. Make Mackellar Marginal.