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I posted this story a months ago

“…Teachers at Britain’s leading girls’ schools have been told not to call pupils ‘girls’ or ‘young women’ in case it offends any questioning their gender identity.
Head teachers belonging to the Girls’ Schools Association were instructed to use gender-neutral words like ‘pupils’ or ‘students’ to avoid discrimination.
The advice issued last week also banned the phrase ‘young ladies’ and recommended the creation of unisex lavatories…” Don’t calls girls ‘girls’ or ‘young women’ in case it offends pupils questioning their gender id


TEACHERS at an all-girls school in northwest Sydney have been asked to stop referring to their students as “girls”, ladies” and “women”and to instead use “gender-neutral” ­language. School Bans Girls. Cheltenham Girls High: Teachers at exclusive girls school told to preach gender neutral

The request to teachers at Cheltenham Girls High School came in a staff meeting last term to discuss ­implementation of the controversial Safe Schools anti-bullying program for lesbian, gay and transgender (LGBTI) students.

Also at the meeting, a copy of the NSW anti-discrimination act was displayed, according to an insider, and staff were informed by the teacher chairing the meeting that if they did not support decisions of LGBTI students they would be breaking the law, would be considered homophobic and were not welcome by the school.