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Meet Duncan Storrar. He’s ABC’s latest hero but in fact is a low life criminal weasel that somehow wormed his way on to Q&A on Monday night with a sob story which is and continues to unravel and for which crowd funding raised $50+ thousand dollars. Even his son Aztec Major wants nothing to do with him. “He doesn’t deserve it,” said Mr Major, who uses his mother’s surname. “He’s used drugs. He’s not the person he’s making himself out to be.”
Caroline Overington of the Australian has got him sussed..

“…. The man the ABC presented as a “new national hero” has a long criminal history, including making threats to kill, unlawful ­assault and multiple counts of breaching intervention orders taken out by his ex-partners.

Duncan Storrar, who prompted Australians to open their hearts and wallets when he ­appeared on the ABC’s Q&A program on Monday, pleading for a tax break so he could take his two young daughters to the movies, was in the Geelong Magistrates Court just 18 months ago, where he was convicted of unlawful ­assault.

His rap sheet, which runs to 20 pages, dates from 1992, when he was convicted of multiple counts of intentionally damaging property, possession of a drug of ­dependence and being unlawfully on premises.

Mr Storrar also appeared in Geelong Magistrates Court in 2001, where he was convicted and sentenced to a three-months’ suspended jail term on multiple counts of making threats to kill; unlawful assault; failing to abide by the terms of a community order and breaching an intervention order.

In 2003, he was held in custody for 58 days after being charged with multiple offences, including more threats to kill, breaching an intervention order and giving a false name. He was sentenced to an effective one year and three months in prison. In 2004, he was sentenced to a further three months’ jail, for breaching intervention orders; and in 2008, he was fined $200 for criminal damage with intent to destroy.

Mr Storrar could not be reached for comment yesterday….”