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It would be nice to think that perhaps the loathsome, preening moral narcissists of the left, unable to comprehend the simplicity of the Bill Leak Cartoon could understand this picture a little better, though I doubt.

From the Andrew Bolt Blog
“….On the very same day that the ABC was smearing Leak, the South Australian royal commission into child protection released a report with the following statistics – statistics ignored by most of the media that would much prefer to smash a Bill Leak for forcing the same issue to their fickle attention:
“…Nationally, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children (birth to 17 years) are seven times more likely to be the subject of a substantiated report of child maltreatment than other children.
In South Australia, the figure is 10½ times.
A statistical analysis of longitudinal child protection data relating to South Australian children born in 1991 showed that when compared to non-Aboriginal children, Aboriginal children were more likely to:
– be the subject of a child protection notification, investigation and substantiation (40 per cent of Aboriginal children receiving a notification had abuse substantiated compared to 24 per cent of nonAboriginal children);
– be the subject of higher ranked (more serious) notifications of abuse; …
A comparative analysis of children born in 1991, 1998 and 2002 showed Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children born in the later years were increasingly more likely to be notified. The rate of notification for Aboriginal children appears to have increased at a faster rate than for non-Aboriginal children.,,”
A terrible problem that’s only getting worse. But where are the hashtag moralists now who were so quick to damn Leak?
What is the worst crime now: to neglect or beat many hundreds of Aboriginal children or to draw a cartoon to draw attention to it?