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My god, people want to protect themselves. And lock the car, and the front door and take all manner of insurance. What an outrageous idea.
This is what a total empty head like Tracey Spicer and others have to say on Brexit (a couple of leave comments from Brendan O’neill are very to the point)

But broadcaster Tracey Spicer is not happy with the British people, Twitter, yesterday:

Fear is a powerful emotion; xenophobia a primary motivator. It makes people want to build walls to protect themselves. #sigh #brexit

Quillette editor Claire Lehmann, Twitter, yesterday:

The irony of Australians on Twitter who are in favour of a Republic arguing that a win for #Brexit is a terrible thing.

Spiked editor Brendan O’Neill, Facebook, yesterday:

The people — ordinary, everyday, working people — are giving the establishment the absolute shits. Democracy is glorious. It’s mankind’s greatest idea.

Crikey’s Scott Steel, aka Possum Comitatus, Twitter, yesterday:

If your analysis of Brexit is that half the UK are uneducated, racist buffoons voting to hurt themselves — the problem is your analysis
A lot of that going around. The ABC’s Emma Alberici dismissing Brexit campaigners, The Drum website, Tuesday:

When your claims are as genuine as the blood on your Halloween mask, it’s easier to scare people than elucidate them.

Sore loser. The Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland, yesterday:

For the 48 per cent who voted to remain … Britain has changed in a way that makes the heart sink.