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With all the talk about Royal Commissions into banks (Labor) and Islam (Hanson) the two that we should be having, that impact the cost of living of every single Australian every single day are petrol prices and electricity prices.

So captured and enthralled are millions of Australians who worship at the altar of renewable energy they are blinded by the fact that despite what they think or imagine, it’s not a free ride.

Even worse, they fail to make the link between their romantic ideal of renewables and real world economics. But they’ll be the first to bitch and moan about electricity prices . Perhaps you’re one of them? Suck it up. This is the price you pay for your romantic ideals.

It’s not just about the cost of electricity and petrol you use but the cost of petrol and electricity to get goods to the supermarket or petrol to the service station. Even the cost of the electricity that drives the pump that pumps the petrol into your car gets passed on to the consumer and comes out of your pocket. We’re being ripped off by the biggest scam in the history of the world and both Liberal and Labor are facilitating the heist.

Notice how not a single political party ran with this as an issue during the election? That’s because they’re all on board with the climate change renewable energy target (RET) hoax to reduce the temperature of the world by less than half the difference in summertime temperature between Sydney and Brisbane in a hundred years.

It’s a joke right? Wrong.

And the billions we pay in subsidies to foreign owned wind farms each year comes from you. It’s only when you see the comparisons whereby Australia is in many cases 100% more than other counties that you realise just how far into the climate change vortex we’ve been sucked.


More than a million NSW households are paying more for electricity than any other developed nation.

Power shock: NSW families pay highest electricity prices in the world

New research by a leading economics consultancy reveals these customers, who are on non-discounted prices known as “standing offers” are being slugged about 32 cents per kilowatt hour, compared to shivering Swedes who pay about 14c per kWh and frozen Finns who only have to fork out about 15c per kWh.