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The problem with Islam is that it has serious marketing, packaging and image issues that need to be urgently addressed. If it sees itself as just another product on the shelf in the market place of religious beliefs it should seriously consider a product recall, rebranding and relaunch with better positioning statements to make it more relevant and a better fit for a 21st century secular democracy. .

The truculent and combative speech by the President of the Lebanese Muslim Association to celebrate the end of Ramadan at Lakemba Mosque, underscores the point yet again that Islam’s problems begin with its bolshie leadership and its propensity to issue not so veiled threats on the one hand while laying claim to victimhood on the other and not to speak up when it should and disown those groups and individuals that trash the brand.

All of this is turbo charged by an appeasing, pusillanimous political class. The failure to speak up further fuels and feeds the preconceived notion in the broader community that the leadership is in simpatico with the radicals.

This is not rocket science.

Lashing out at the marketplace because it’s not buying what you’re selling is a very John Cleese, Fawlty Towers style of damage control and has never worked as a successful public relations, promotion and marketing strategy.