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It’s about time we called off these multi faith events like the Turnbull affair at Kirribilli House and elsewhere and called them out for what they are. A misty eyed, misguided, politically correct and pusillanimous attempt by weak political, community and religious leadership to appease and suck up to one religion. Islam. Why? It’s just another religion after all. Or is it?  Can anyone recall the concept of multi faith anything prior to Sept 11?
This would seem to be when the signal went out to the Muslim ummah (world community) that this was their time to rise up and demand a seat at the head table so as to impose a demanding, belligerent and bellicose Islam on the national stage and the psyche of western nations like Australia.
To any casual observer it is quite apparent that the Islam as exhibited and extolled by its Sheiks and leaders is not “just another region” at all but more of an all encompassing, intolerant political ideology, that sits uncomfortably alongside and is incompatible with a secular democracy.