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The hysteria against a harmless, lil ole plebiscite on gay marriage should have everyone sitting bolt up right and alarmed. I mean, what is wrong with a good dose of democracy? Who could possibly argue with that? Unless, unless, unless of course you are fearful of the result and of the democratic process.

A plebiscite on such an issue is motherhood stuff I would have thought, so I find it interesting that although a great deal of the disenchantment and disengagement in the community as expressed with the Brexit and Trump phenomenon overseas and the general malaise and grouchy mood in the Australian electorate has pivoted on government not listening to the people on a range of issues, yet many it would seem, on such a fundamental bedrock issue of society as a plebiscite on gay marriage, are happy NOT to personally ventilate their own view and would rather sub contract and outsource their decision to the political class of just 150 politicians being strong armed by gay activists.

Karl Marx must be laughing from the grave.

As for the flakey argument that it would cost $158 million, just roll it out on the same day as the indigenous Recognition referendum. Two bits of paper requiring a yes or no answer, all done and dusted.
Australians are capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time after all.