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The prospect of Labor abandoning Israel and embracing the Palestinian cause, simply further reinforces the observation that, particularly in Labor seats, “demography is destiny.”

Too late, it also underscores that there has been a decades long, lagging down side to which most Australians have either been indifferent or blithely unaware, attached to non discriminatory immigration and our unbridled full throttled embrace of multiculturalism.

As foreseen by many, it has brought with it many of the problems from a number of those countries, communities and cultures and in the early 21st century, after 40 years, we discover that multiculturalism is no longer just about the exotic customs and traditions, the dress, the dance and cuisine but also about the bollards in Martin Place and the importation of a mindset inimical to Australia, combined with the panoply of internecine religious, sectarian, tribal and cultural problems from the Middle East.

All of this was so predictable to anyone observing and predicting this trajectory decades ago but of course back then the argument was there are too few to worry about and now it’s a case of too many to do any thing about.