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Just as I ask those that support the notion of open borders, “what’s your upper limit,” surely you must have one? In most cases they don’t and so I’m left to wonder just what it is are they trying to achieve with such an unbridled, let it rip philosophy.


It’s interesting that those that hold to this view, usually and simultaneously hold to the ideal of sustainable population growth as well.

You see the problem?

These things don’t square. They don’t reconcile at all. Leaving aside cultural and religious overload, how can you have sustainable population growth along with open borders?

That’s the problem with the misty eyed and misguided. They just don’t think things through.


To them it’s all about feelings signalling their own virtue and what feels right with absolutely no thought as to consequences or how such mindless, feel good policies unravel over time.

That’s a roundabout way of coming to a similar question about tolerance.


Again, “what’s your upper limit?” How much are you prepared to tolerate and at what point, given an aggressive and belligerent political or religious belief system with different values do you cease being tolerant.


Part of exercising the quality of tolerance is the expectation that the social contract of tolerance is reciprocal. That it’s about give and take, about rubbing and knocking along together. Most people get this, they understand the deal.


Unfortunately as we are witnessing with the population growth of Muslims, particularly in Europe they will continue to push the envelope until society is no longer recognisable as they push our buttons and we appease and cow tow, bend and flex and tolerate ourselves, our beliefs and our values out of existence because of our hard wired Christian ethic of turning the other cheek.

I’m out of cheeks.


Karl Popper, the liberal philosopher made the observation that;
“..Unlimited tolerance would lead to the tolerant being destroyed by the intolerant, barriers and surveillance are necessary to protect an open society..”