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I’m guessing that most people under the age of 50 would probably have very little memory of Liberal Prime Minister Billy McMahon. McMahon who lost to Gough Whitlam in 1972, was the consummate waffling ditherer with bad judgement.

Sound familiar?

Malcolm Turnbull embodies and exhibits all of the same characteristics and qualities.


An awkward, ditherer with a tin ear and excruciatingly bad judgement and totally out of touch with mainstream Australia. That was McMahon and that’s Turnbull.

The Parliamentary Liberal Party should be on notice that if they don’t remove Malcolm Turnbull as leader if for no other reason than his bad judgement, dithering and failure to pull on the gloves let alone get in the ring, then their collective judgement will also be on the line and reflected in another thrashing by Labor next time round which may well be in the next 12 months.


To put it simply, you can’t win, you won’t win with Turnbull. His flawed judgement and elite “Mr Harbour-side Mansion” persona is at odds with ordinary Australians. The blokes a waffling poonce. Damaged goods. A loser.


Turnbull thought he could get away with urbane charm and by bringing a plastic picnic knife to a gun fight while Labor, well versed in CFMEU and general union argy bargy, biffo, thuggery, negotiating and scare techniques, wheeled out the heavy artillery of a barrage of lies, distortion and misinformation.

It’s what they do.


And the pantie waist leader of the Liberal Party, the great communicator who sold himself in September last year when he rolled Abbott, as being able to “explain the great challenges and opportunities that we face”, didn’t see it coming and had no idea how to combat it when it did.

Labor fights dirty. Very dirty if you hadn’t noticed and Malcolm’s charm offensive, Marquis of Queensbury rules, boo hooing and whining about Labors lies on election night just doesn’t cut it.


What’s required against Labor’s lies and dirty tricks is a scrappy, dog eared, mongrel street fighter. A street fighter who’ll get down in the gutter, a street fighter with experience at eye gouging, kneeing in the groin, taking the fight up to his opponent and most importantly WINNING!!!

Five seats and a hung parliament in 2010 and a landslide in 2013 has to count for something.

Like it or not Tony Abbott is the last man left standing. He has the runs on the board and for all his faults is every bit the junkyard dog and street fighter that Turnbull isn’t.


Is anyone seriously suggesting that in a bar room brawl between Abbott and Shorten with Abbott using the resources available as exposed at the Royal Commission tying Shorten to union corruption that Abbott wouldn’t win?

With Shorten’s union baggage and prosecuting Labor’s trashing of the economy under Rudd and Gillard, Abbott would barely have to get out of bed.