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Random Note #195,326

After reading Tony Hadchiti’s column in the Sunday Telegraph on the advocacy and push for an ice inhalation room in Liverpool, I can’t help but categorise and pigeonhole the likes of Matt Noffs and Alex Wodak and those of a similar mindset as grandstanding moral narcissists.

Moral narcissists as outlined in the Roger Simon book, “I Know Best: How Moral Narcissism is Killing Our Republic, are those on the left who parade and preen themselves as concerned and caring types with all the answers but who actually prey on victims using use their social circumstances like the ice epidemic, indigenous disadvantage and the general misfortune of others as a vehicle to demonstrate their own high mindedness and moral vanitity without ever addressing the problem head on.

To the moral narcissist it’s all about strutting, striking a pose and virtue signalling while seeming to do good but actually doing bad.

Their misty eyed, misguided and well meaning solutions inevitably make things worse for the victims with Australia’s public life littered with all manner of their failed social, cultural and economic policies programs and experiments.

Being a moral narcissist also means being shameless and never having to say you’re sorry or apologise because they can’t. They don’t know how. It’s not in their DNA.  They will never admit to their error or failure and to making things worse but that doesn’t really seem to matter, so long as they can get their own feel good hit, be SEEN to be doing good, dust off their hands and move on to their next project of self aggrandisement.