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Listening to an interview with Miranda Devine and Alan Jones on radio this morning about gay marriage and it occurs to me that the real issue in this and the frightening thing, is that whatever the individual views on gay marriage and whatever the eventual outcome, the bullying, bludgeoning and intimidating template used to achieve it, will become the weapon of choice for other goals on the left’s agenda.

As part of the push in the burgeoning industry of identity politics, gay marriage is just a dry run for bigger things. It has become a battering ram with all the powerful image values of barbarians at the gate that the phrase implies along with the predictable gaggle of useful idiots.

 A more contemporary, real time version are the black hooded and masked, baseball bat brandishing, Brown shirts of ANTIFA on (pick a university campus) this week in the US. 

If it works this time around, the tactic will be ramped up, fine tuned and used again and again to shut down unapproved, politically incorrect belief and opinion and bludgeon and intimidate the community into submission on the issue de jour.
Those that actually think and believe that this is strictly about gay marriage really should get out more.