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All these allegations about Trump are becoming absurd and no doubt many or most perhaps even all are confected. None reported at the time. Why? Probably because they didn’t happen. No witnesses or corroboration either. The most recent I heard on the 9am news supposedly “happened” in a nightclub in the 90’s more than 20 years ago. Maybe it did/didn’t you wouldn’t know. Maybe he bumped into her and spilt his drink down her front Or back.The tactic is to throw out wild unsubstantiated or uncorroborated allegations, enough to smother and throw a blanket over the news and carry the headlines one day at a time until Nov 8. Only need one or two a day and that sends the compliant frothy mouthed mainstream media lapdogs scurrying into their daily salacious spin. Its interesting too that none of these allegations saw the light of day during the primaries campaign over the last 18 months. Again, why not? Why wouldn’t the complainants have take their complaints to the other Rebulican wannabes to knock Trump out of the ring? Obviously it seems to be the tactic of latching on to a journalistic dictum of sex sells and of throwing up dust into the eyes of the compliant and gullible media in order to create a distraction from the much more serious questions that Hillary Clinton has to answer.