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Under the Biden administration’s open border policy and the welcome mat being laid out to anyone who can make it to the US border, then released into the community with NO covid test or quarantine, it is difficult not to draw the conclusion that it is simply a cynical, sinister and evil attempt to create and reboot and then exploit another the rolling covid crisis necessitating more lockdowns, more mask wearing and of course the need for nationwide mail-in voting and voter fraud in 2022.

It’s all too apparent that, that, along with building a voter base, is the game plan.

After everything the American people have been through, why else would you DELIBERATELY expose the country to another round of more of the same by not testing unknown people from anywhere and everywhere who just turn up at the border.

Have the crowds been deliberately salted with infected people by China perhaps? With Biden’s connivance perhaps?

This is not so much about milking a crisis, this is about creating crisis to be milked. Watch.

While the rest of the US has made sacrifices, is in lock down, kids not at school and the cases dropping as the nation starts to turn the corner, why would you deliberately set this course, if not for a cynical, political plan and purpose?