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We keep hearing about Black Lives Matter, but why? I don’t meant they don’t matter, I mean why do we keep hearing about it, because the actual statistics don’t come anywhere matching the divisive identity rhetoric?

The Black Lives Matter meme implies that black people are somehow singled out and that more die at the hands of police than white people.

As is often the case that is far from the facts supported by the stats.

Some cold, hard statistics from last year, laid out by the FBI and The Washington Post which tracks every single police shooting on a yearly basis and collated by Daniel Horowitz.

The statistics are for 2019 and for the entire US —

There were ten million arrests in the US last year and police officers were involved in one thousand and four fatal shootings.

Forty one of those fatal shooting were unarmed offenders.

Of the forty one killed by police, nineteen were white and only nine, yes nine, were black.

All the killings were determined justified because one of the police partners or a civilian was being beaten up by the perpetrator and the police had to step in.

What is overlooked is that there were seven thousand four hundred African Americans killed last year and approximately ninety percent of those were murdered at the hands of other African Americans.

For some perspective, there were eighty nine police killed in the line of duty in 2019

And think about this.

There were ninety two people shot, and twelve people murdered in Chicago just last weekend.

Where’s their protest march or don’t they matter?