The total gutting of the American economy and the economies of other western nations like Australia, can be layed squarely at the feet of both Bill Clinton and George W Bush.


It was these two who duchess-ed and ushered China into the WTO in the early 2000’s and bestowed on China, “most favoured nation status”.


No benchmarks or or way points to be met on a timeline. No leverage or conditions to drag China from communism to democracy. No quid pro quo spelling out what was expected so as to coerce China to embrace democracy.


Just open slather and let it rip. And so they did.


They had the leverage but didn’t use it. They could have made entry to the WTO conditional on meeting certain benchmarks or KPI’s.


Bush and Clinton, by simply allowing China into the WTO, froze America and American industry and American jobs out.


To put it another way, the entire China project has been bought and paid for, totally financed by America. That is, by American taxpayers to their own detriment.


America has built and financed the scaffolding for it’s own hanging.


With their cheap labour, Americans simply couldn’t compete while China was, and still is, scamming the trade rules with tariffs by another name, as well as stealing intellectual property and spreading the Coronavirus pandemic to further damage competing economies.


Interesting how China is on the one hand regarded as an emerging and developing power but on the other, a global superpower and economic powerhouse. In fact when it comes to the economy, China is second only to the United States.


The average American understands this. They also understand how they’ve been betrayed by these same scum bag elites.


And those same elites still wonder why the people voted for Donald Trump.