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When the kids get back to school after their big day out, goofing off and on strike on Friday, as an exercise in perspective and so they can get their heads around what they were on strike over with regards to anthropogenic Co2 and Australia’s contribution, try thinking of Co2 expressed as dollars and cents.


Given that CO2 = 0.04% of the total global atmosphere (or 400 parts per million) Humans contribute just 3% of that 0.04% and Australia contributes just 1.3% of that 3% of that 0.04%.


Now the perspective bit.


Instead of parts per million think of it as dollars: Total dollars $400 (or ppm) Human contribution of the total is 3% or $12. Australia’s contribution of that $12 is 1.3% or just a meagre  $0.156


Doesn’t seem so dangerous now, does it.