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With the news today that coal is on the cusp of once again becoming our biggest export earner, the war on coal for domestic power generation by the Australian political class, just like the war on plastic bags, is a classic case of gesture politics for absolutely no gain and a world of pain. While the rest of the world looks on in amazement at this irresponsible act of economic self harm and destruction, our leaders are looking more and more diminished as political operators and more like a gaggle of second rate try-hards and yokels with no idea what they are doing.
Surely the message must eventually penetrate the Canberra bubble that if we won’t use OUR coal to drive OUR economy others will use OUR coal to drive THEIR economies, overtake us and fill the manufacturing and industrial vacuum created by Australia.
For all our self flagellation, moral posturing and walk of shame, the same emissions will occur, regardless of Australia’s inexplicable and dogmatic adherence to blind ideology.